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Wallpaper Wednesday: Super Bowl Rings – The Redskins Legacy

Today’s wallpaper is Washington’s Super Bowl rings!!

Sometimes after a tough loss, it’s hard to pay tribute to one of the current players. It seems more sensible to pay homage to the past. In this case – to the Redskins three Super Bowl victories.

If you need to be reminded, Washington won Super Bowl XVII, Super Bowl XXII, and Super Bowl XXVI.

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Time Machine: Running Backs #ThrowbackThursday

Welcome to the Time Machine! The Throwback Thursday feature that allows you to swap current players with former players. Today’s edition is for running backs.

You can either choose to keep the current player that holds the roster spot, or you can fire up the flux capacitor and travel back in time in the Redskins Commandelorean, and pick up one of three players that played that position at some point.

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Wallpaper Wednesday: John Riggins Vintage Mobile Wallpaper

It doesn’t seem like the right time to add another wallpaper on the defensive side of the equation right now. Then again, it doesn’t seem like the right time to add a wallpaper on the offensive side of the equation right now either.

What can we celebrate this week?

How about a Washington Legend?

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Wallpaper Wednesday: Vintage John Riggins

There isn’t really a sure fire way to wipe the bad taste out of your mouth from a humiliating 38-14 loss to the Dallas Cowboys – especially when it puts the nail in the playoff hunt coffin.

Seemed appropriate to celebrate the past glory with nothing left to play for this year, but pride.

So today’s wallpaper is “The Diesel” John Riggins. One of the most colorful characters to ever don the burgundy and gold, and one of the best football players too.

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Hey, Dan… Wouldn't a vacation be nice?

Posted from Curmudgeon Corner, Maine

“Linus! You’ve got to lose the blanket! Oh yeah!”

There is one thing that the Redskins have plenty of… and that is retired great running backs who have an opinion. Riggins has joined the pig pile, along with B. Mitch. There seems to be a bit of a competition to see who can contribute the wittiest commentary. That would definitely have to be Riggo… B. Mitch seems to have the bigger bite, though.

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Crossing A Line?

John Riggins has been at it for weeks with some serious venom cast in the direction of the Washington Redskins organization. Though sometimes radical, the brash Redskins legend often says a few things that ring true for many Redskin fans. But did his latest rant cross a boundary? Check out Dan Steinberg’s recap at D.C. Sports Bog, if you haven’t already seen or heard Riggins latest comments.

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This Line is Offensive

As a staff member at that goes by the name JansenFan, I think it’s pretty apparent that I am a big fan of the big guys up front. It is my core belief that games are won and lost in the trenches, and my team used to believe that, too.

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