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Shut the McHell Up Donovan

Listening to former Redskins pretend quarterback Donovan McNabb cry like a nine-year old girl with a scuffed knee, is really too rich for words. But it made me think back on a little Redskins anecdote…

… Back in 2003, I was fortunate enough to attend a fan festival put on by Ken Harvey. It was a great day for all involved – access to legendary former Redskins, games to play, inspirational speeches, coaching instruction and much, much more. It was a fantastic day that I still remember like it was yesterday.

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Ken Harvey on Daniel Snyder/Haiti

Diageo, the world’s leading purveyor of premium drinks and partner of the Washington Redskins Charitable Foundation, pride itself in being a first responder to critical situations throughout the world, as well as right here in the Washington DC area. When the reports came out about the quake in Haiti, they knew they needed to get involved. The question was how.

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