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If you’re a Redskins fan, you’re painfully aware that the Washington Redskins are looking for a quarterback solution for 2012. If you’re a ‘plugged in’ Redskins fan – you’re already probably sick of hearing about it.

The ink hasn’t even dried on the 2011 NFL season yet, and the Redskins interest in every quarterback with ‘moderately available’ attached to their name, seems to be being discussed.

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Redskins Start with Grossman

Photo courtesy of Jake Russell


We all know that Rex Grossman has been to the Super Bowl, and conventional wisdom says he went on the backs of his defense. We consider it the same as the 2003 Ravens who won the Super Bowl with Trent Dilfer who only started the last half of the season.


Clearly, Baltimore won the Super Bowl in spite of their quarterbacks that year.


Maybe we judge Grossman too harshly. The 2006 Bears were 2nd in the league in scoring that year putting up 427 points. I’m not sure we can say that Chicago made it on defense alone like Baltimore did.

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Can Grossman be for Real?

Grossman’s recent performance in his pre-season debut with the Redskins got me to thinkin’; can this guy really be better than I thought? Yeah sure it’s a preseason game, but I expected to see fumbled handoffs, interceptions and stalled drives the moment McNabb took his pads off. I think we all felt the same thing; Buffalo must be really bad if they can make Rex Grossman look like our starter.

It’s easy to have doubts about the abilities of Rex Grossman even though he’s played in a Super Bowl. Everyone knows that Grossman made his way into that Super Bowl on the backs of his defense. When you think about Grossman you see a QB rating of 59.7 since he achieved that rating twice in his career with the Bears.

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