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Carlos Speaks…

So, Carlos Rogers, in post-game mode, apparently had some comments documented by Barry Svrluga

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Landry Pic Real?

So did you see this yet?

Well since MrMuscles30 was shown in this pic, there has been much Twitter talk as to it’s authenticity, or if it is Photoshop enhanced.

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Writing On The Wall For Landry?

Word around Redskins Nation is that the Redskins are likely to slap the franchise tag on Fred Davis. Could the move adversely spell the end of the roller coaster Redskins ride for safety LaRon Landry?

The franchise tag for Fred Davis will likely be about $5.4 Million, whereas, it will be about $6.2 Million to franchise Landry. Not a lot between the two numbers. Ironically, they’re both pretty steep prices to pay for players who weren’t on the field at the end of 2011. Davis is a lot more likely to see the field on a regular basis in 2012 though – there’s a better chance of Freddie remaining blunt-free than of Landry remaining injury free in my opinion.

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Evaluating the Redskins – Secondary

Over on my blog, Don’t Laugh, People, I’m evaluating the 2011-12 Washington Redskins. Every day over the next week+, I’ll be evaluating the Redskins in groups. Players, phases, and coaches will all be evaluated. I’ve decided to contribute this material here at since Mark has been cool enough to allow me to post here and opened avenues to new audiences.

First up: Secondary…

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Thoughts on Washington Redskins vs. Seattle Seahawks

First of all, for all the people shocked at the chippyness of this game, and how these two teams could possibly be rivals, I’ll say to you that you can look no further than any other game we’ve played against the Seahawks. They’ve all been chippy, and they’ve all been tough. While Trent Williams was the key guy in a lot of the video getting into it, and while it’s documented that the Seahawks may have started it by taking offense to a Redskins huddle at midfield, I wouldn’t count out veterans like Mike Sellers and Santana Moss having a lot to do with it before the game on our side.

On to the game, the opening drive was refreshing. It’s been a long time since this team has started a game with a long drive, and even longer since scoring (a touchdown at that) on the opening drive. It was a bit disappointing following up that drive with drives that just fell short, or ended early due to penalties in this chippy game, but my biggest praise goes to Kyle Shanahan for sticking with the run. There were definitely times we didn’t run enough still, but the early influx of the run definitely kept the Seahawks honest enough.

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Analysis of the Washington Redskins and Fans

Okay, it’s finally time I present this long-winded rant about the Redskins. Just a quick disclaimer, there may be some foul language, I may target some people, and this is not going to be a rant all about the team or coaches… “fans” are as open a target as any.

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The P.U.S.H.Y List

Welcome to my ‘PUSHY’ list – which stands for Players Undoubtedly Sucking Hard Yesterday. I think the list meaning is pretty self-explanatory, so here we go…

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Six Pack: Cowboys

Time to dig up an old format of article that THN has been doing since, ohhhh, about 2002. It’s called the Six Pack – just some observations, mixed with maybe some humor, and you guessed it – there’s SIX talking points. Here’s this week’s six pack:

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Twitter Entertainment For The Redskins Fan

If you’re not on Twitter, and can’t figure out what you could possibly be missing, maybe you should read the following before rushing to judgment. Ok, well maybe it’s not that earth-shattering, but still, read on…

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Leftovers – Week 15


Redskins linebacker Andre Carter talks about Graham Gano’s performance against the Bucs, low attendance at FedEx Field, LaRon Landry being place on I.R., and the switch at QB.

To read this week’s edition of THN Weekly, click here: THN Weekly with Andre Carter – Week 15

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