Redskins Fire Mike Shanahan, Begin Search for New Head Coach

Mike Shanahan was fired Monday after four seasons as Redskins head coach. (Photo by Terri Russell)


By Jake Russell

Exactly one year after leading the Redskins to their first NFC East title in 13 years, head coach Mike Shanahan was fired following a deflating 3-13 season.

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For The Redskins, The Axe Man Cometh

Here is a list of the coaching staff that were let go by the Redskins today:

* Executive Vice President/Head Coach – Mike Shanahan
* Offensive coordinator – Kyle Shanahan
* Special teams – Keith Burns
* Quarterbacks – Matt LaFleur
* Linebackers – Bob Slowik
* Wide receivers – Mike McDaniel
* Advance scout – Larry Coyer
* Offensive quality control – Richmond Flowers
* Defensive assistant – Bobby Slowik

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What’s Next in Washington

The last five games the Washington Redskins have played have been some of the most difficult to watch football that I can remember seeing in recent history. After each game I am left thinking, well, it can’t get worse than that. However that debacle that the team displayed yesterday was disgusting, embarrassing, and just plain shameful. Shame on the players, shame on Mike Shanahan, shame on the Redskins’ organization.

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Not Crying Over Spilled Milk

Feel like you’ve been kicked in the groin repeatedly? We all do. It’s never a great feeling when you feel like your team played it’s worst game in the last two months, to end the season. Obviously the story of the game was Robert Griffin III – his injured knee – and the decision to leave him in the game. I can’t believe the vitriol that I have heard spewing from many in #RedskinsNation’s mouth:

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Hog Wire: Redskins OTA Round-Up

Thursday’s Redskins’ OTA’s were open to the media, so here are a collection of articles to help you sort through all of the ‘exciting’ action:

Mike Shanahan says hit was most jarring accident of his career By Mark Maske – Washington Post

Shanahan’s toughness is not questioned. As a college quarterback at Eastern Illinois he stayed on the field in a spring game after a hit that shoved his kidney behind his spine and split it open. Shanahan passed out and his heart stopped beating for a half minute. He was given last rites. He was unconscious for five days and his playing career was ended by the blow.

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Tuesday Hog Wash

As Redskin fans spent Monday pouring over article after article about the Redskins mini-camp that came to a close on Sunday, one thing that seems painfully obvious, Robert Griffin III blew the doors off of his first NFL on-field assignment.

Sunday was the first opportunity that the media were granted access to Mini-Camp, so all eyes were focused squarely on the new Redskins quarterback, and that usually means just one thing in Washington – scrutiny. And yet in a city that seems to love to hate as much as it loves to love, very few souls seem willing to venture out into that gentle abyss and rock the RGIII boat – at least not yet.

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Why Drafting Cousins was a Great Move

Kirk Cousins isn’t in Washington to take Robert Griffin III’s job. He’s a backup. Yet, he has stirred up more controversy than anyone in the draft. Let’s take a look at a few of the arguments concerning the Cousins pick.

1) The Redskins should draft best available

All I heard heading into the draft is that the Redskins need to draft the best available player. Where did all those voices go? Of course they are still around, but now they are up in arms because Shanahan actually did it. It’s not a good practice at all to bash the guy for not drafting best available and then bash him again when he does it. It seems everyone was so busy looking for a great quarterback in the senior bowl that they forgot who gave the best performance, Cousins. The guy is a smart player and an intelligent person. He’s more confident than John Beck and has better awareness on the field(Yes, Beck has no confidence regardless of what he says, remember the Bills game, ok) and more realistic than Rex Grossman (as well as more mechanically sound). Cousins has actually worked to improve his awareness and confidence.

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Hog Wire: 4/4/12

What’s going on in Redskins Nation this week?

New Nike Uniforms
The Nike unveiling yesterday left a lot of people feeling unfulfilled. Seriously? When the veil was finally lifted, the Redskins uniform that was revealed was basically identical to the Reebok version. There are a couple of minor differences like the collar, the numbers on the sleeve and the sleeve cuts themselves. Reactions were mixed to say the least, ranging from, “Thank god we didn’t change anything,” to “Why can’t we have all gold uniforms with burgundy polka-dots?”

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Things Still Looking Up? Preseason Game 2

The Colts are notorious as “non-performers” through pre-season.   That is a given.   They view preseason as an opportunity to evaluate personnel, and to get into game shape.   Yet, you can’t help but wonder if there isn’t a bit of concern in Indy this morning.  

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