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By The Numbers: Saints

The Redskins struggled a little early on, but finished with a bang to defeat the New Orleans Saints 29-24 at Fed Ex on Sunday. Here are some of the more interesting numbers from the game: Read More

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Redskins vs Saints Post Game

The Redskins valiantly fought back to erase a 9-point 4th quarter deficit, and beat the Saints 29-24 at Fed Ex Field on Sunday. With the win, the Redskins moved to 1-1, and while it may not have always been pretty, the improvement shown from week one was substantial. Read More

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Run CP! Run!

This week, Clinton Portis will run against a defense that yielded 146 rushing yards (7.3 YPC) against Tampa Bay last week. The Redskins will have to look to equal, or better that, to give themselves a good opportunity to win the game this weekend.  

It won’t be easy for Washington, considering that after last week’s offensive performance, its safe to assume that opposing teams are going to make the Redskins beat them in the air and stack the box. Portis will likely see eight and nine man fronts until the Redskins can establish some sort of rhythm in the passing game. Read More

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The All ‘New’ Redskins

So, we get a new coach for our new season, and start off with New York, and then New Orleans.

Okay, so the Redskins didn’t exactly knock anyone’s socks off in New York. Probably a good thing since I can’t imagine how knocking someone’s socks off really translates into doing a good job. Whatever the Redskins did, it was certainly the opposite of a good job. Read More

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