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2021 NFL Trade Value Chart

USA Today put out a great trade Value Chart and distributed it in various schemas to suit each NFL team. I never saw one for Washington, so I scarfed the Denver Broncos one, and made the necessary modifications.

I did notice that none of their versions had the new Cowboys logo on it, but mine does. *wink*

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2021 NFL Draft Primer – What You Need To Know

No. More. Sleeps.

Every NFL fan’s favorite day of the offseason is here – the NFL Draft.

Roger Goodell has been tested, and found to be COVID free. He has been cleared to offer awkward hugs to everybody. Thank god!

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Washington Redskins NFL Draft Selections For 2020

The 2020 NFL Draft was the 85th annual meeting of the National Football League. The Washington Redskins ended up making eight selections over the weekend, including the second overall pick. With that pick, they chose defensive end Chase Young out of Ohio State University.

The draft was originally scheduled to be held in Paradise, Nevada, but was instead held via videoconferencing due to the Covid pandemic.

Here are the 2020 NFL Draft Selections for the Washington Redskins:

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Doctson A Gamble, Or A Calculated Risk?

Armchair quarterbacks may have jumped up and screamed after the Washington Redskins made their first selection of the 2016 NFL Draft, but there’s no doubt in most experts’ minds, that they got the best player available on the board.

Back in April at the NFL Draft, Washington GM Scot McLoughan wasted no time rolling out his usual draft philosophy of trying to gain more picks and traded down one pick in the first round. The Redskins dealt their number 21 pick to the Houston Texans, who gave up their 22 pick and a 7th round pick for the right to move up one selection.

Then McLoughan surprised many, and didn’t grab a defensive player, but instead grabbed Josh Doctson. The 6’2″ wide receiver out of TCU was the top receiver on many to most sheets (for future reference, Houston selected wide receiver Will Fuller), and Josho was surely the best player available on the Washington Draft board at the time. But the Redskins do not appear to have much of a need at the position with DeSean Jackson, and Pierre Garcon already comfortably filling the one-two, and Jamison Crowder occupying the slot. So, was this a gamble?

Personally if I’m going to gamble, I try to take the best odds of winning possible and play online slots at All Jackpots casino; but when it comes to football, I prefer to see my draft gambling done in the later rounds.

But this wasn’t really a gamble at all, it was a calculated risk. You only see it as a gamble if you differ in drafting philosophies.

Both DJax and Garcon are only under contract through the 2016 season. Not only that, Doctson immediately provides something that Washington hasn’t had in a long time, a big receiver who can go up and win tough Red Zone catches. He’s two inches taller than Garcon and 4 inches taller than Jackson. The selection also gives options, in that Garcon can offer an almost $8 million cap savings if cut, to a team that only currently has $4 million in space.


Coming out of TCU, Doctson offers a mature and polished 23-year old player.

So while a draft day wouldn’t be a draft day without a good, “best player available” vs “best player that fills a need” conversation, that doesn’t make it a gamble. It’s that philosophical difference of opinion that I was referring to. Josh Doctson is not a gamble.

Just a couple more things for you to think about…

He broke his wrist in November and still blasted out 14 reps of 225 at the Combine. He’s a tough kid.

He has a 41 inch vertical. Serious hops. Grab a tape measure and see how high that actually is.

Of course the reality is, that there doesn’t seem to be any scientific way to determine wether a player’s particular skillset is going to translate or carry through to the pros. If there were, then Doctson would surely possess many-to-most of the attributes that you would want to see at the position. He’s arguably the best receiver in the draft, and that’s a good deal at number 22.

And that’s a calculated risk, not a gamble.

Hail to the Redskins.

Agree? Disagree? Hit me up on Twitter @TheHogsdotNet and let me know what you think.

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Throwback Thursday: 2000 NFL Draft

In honor of today’s NFL Draft, it seemed fitting to make this week’s Throwback Thursday pay homage. It’s hard to believe it was 15 years ago that this photo was taken.

2000 NFL Draft

2000 NFL Draft

While they were Redskins during some pretty lean years, both Lavar Arrington and Chris Samuels represented the burgundy and gold with pride for years to follow that 2000 Draft. Great players, great draft day.

No more sleeps… it’s nearly time.

Hail to the Redskins.

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2015 NFL Draft: One More Sleep

While there is no doubt that the NFL offseason has shrunk to near nothingness, there is no more exciting event in that offseason, than draft weekend. For weeks, the pundits have been pouring over charts, and draft profiles, and team needs, and trade scenarios – all for the glory of trying to predict the unpredictable.

It’s enough hype to drive a thriving football industry for months on end, during the “down time”. After all, who doesn’t love their NFL Football 24/7/365?

The Redskins will be making the number five selection. Or will they? Depends who you ask. The reality is that here is no way to tell with any certainty what ANY team will do after the number one pick. Variable upon variable to be poured over meticulously. And still often all for naught. Of late, the only thing you can predict is that it will be full of surprises no matter how hard the experts try to prevent that from happening. Read More

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Redskins 2013 New Era Draft Hats

Back in January, the NFL gave us a sneak peek at the new NFL Draft caps on their Instagram page. In the background, you can see the Redskins new hat at the top .

Having searched frivolously for more pictures of the Redskins new set of Draft Hats for the past few weeks, my efforts came up empty until today.

“The 59FIFTY fitted cap will be worn by players on draft day while friends and family will receive the 9FIFTY snapback and 39THIRTY stretch fit to wear,” said Katie Kulczyk, Corporate Communications Manager at New Era. “All will be available for purchase in April.”

No, the Redskins don’t have a first round pick and aren’t slated to make a pick until 51st overall, which means that more likely than not, whoever they select will not be in New York to wear his hat. However, fans of every team eat up this kind of stuff.

Without further ado, here is the new set of Redskins Draft Hats, courtesy of New Era. Read More

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LeRibeus In Third

With the 71st selection in the 2012 NFL Draft – the Washington Redskins selected Josh LeRibeus, Guard from SMU. The Redskins originally held the 6th pick in the 3rd round (69th overall) but dropped two spots with the Buffalo Bills to 71, and picked up an extra 7th round selection on Saturday (217th overall).

LeRibeus seems a bit of a reach in the third, as he was projected to be a mid-to-late rounder by many draft pontiffs. Having said that, he’s a road grader with a mean streak that could actually fit in quite well in a zone blocking scheme.

Draft guru Mike Mayock described him thusly, “He’s a tough guy. Short arms, but he’s got a nasty disposition.”

The Redskins now have 6 selections left on day three of the draft – two 4th rounders (102nd and 109th from Raiders), a 5th (141st), a 6th (173rd from the Vikings) and two 7ths (213th and 217th from Bills). Draft Profile

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Redskins Select Robert Griffin III With Second Overall Pick

Last night at 8:15pm at the 2012 NFL Draft, the face of the Washington Redskins franchise changed for now and for the foreseeable future. After weeks of terrible secret keeping, and bad acting, the Redskins selected Robert Griffin III, quarterback, Baylor University, with the second overall pick in the draft.

And with the selection, an organization engrossed in twenty years of dismal performances and strife, took a long cathartic breath.

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If Vinny Were Here

I had a funny daydream about the NFL Draft that I wanted to share… I call it… “If Vinny Were Here.”

I found myself bemused by people still worried about the draft and the Redskins getting Griffin, and what on earth could possibly go wrong? So of course I thought of My Cousin Vinny. Read More

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