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Week 6 NFL Picks

Once I get about five or six games into a season, I start to gamble with a little bit more fervor. After all, you have a much better sense of all 32 teams’ relative ability by this point.

I generally only gamble in two veins – football picks, and online casino games. So when I’m not trying my luck at netbet online casino games, I’m scouring over the weekly NFL odds, and looking for opportunity. My experiences are that just gambling every week for the sake of it, is not a worthwhile venture. So with an eye to actually winning, I offer you my four best options this week and a brief explanation of each:

Redskins (2-3) at Jets (3-1)
Call me a homer, but I just don’t think the Jets deserve 6 points. The Redskins play solid defense, and the Ryan Fitzpatrick led Jets don’t really put the fear of God into anyone offensively, which just lessens the possibility of them winning by a touchdown. I struggle to see that happening regardless of the game’s result, so I’m taking Washington to cover.

Pick: Washington

Bengals (5-0) at Bills (3-2)

Sometimes I let math run it’s course when I gamble and this is a case in point. It doesn’t even matter what I think about the game or the match-up, the line has just moved too much. This game opened as a straight pick-em in many venues, but due to the fact that the Bengals were getting the lion’s share of the action, the line moved four full points! Don’t overthink this or let your ego get in the way – the slide gave you four more points than you should get – take the Bills.

Pick: Buffalo

Patriots (5-0) at Colts (3-2)

I have every confidence that the Patriots CAN cover whatever spread is put in front of them, especially against the Colts. Indianapolis may have won 3 times, but it was against the Texans, Titans and Jaguars. In their losses to the Bills and Jets, Indy lost by double digits. For your consideration, the Pats have won the last 4 match-ups by a combined score of 189-73 (45-7, 42-20, 43-22 and 59-24). That’s an average score of 47-18. Gulp. Bill Belichek won’t take his foot off their throats and this one will be ugly.

Pick: New England

Chargers (2-3) at Packers (5-0)

In a complete about face, I struggle to see Green Bay covering double digits this week. The Chargers have covered 7 of the last 8 times after playing the Monday Night game and this week will be no different. Sure the Packers are going to win the game and remain undefeated, but 10.5 points is just an awful lot to give Phillip Rivers on any day.

Pick: San Diego

It doesn’t matter what I post here, you’re going to make decisions that you like. I chose these four games this week, because for me, they have the most up-side. Pop on over to’s Game Center and pick up all of the latest information you need to make an informed decision about any game, and have fun!!


Follow me on Twitter @TheHogsdotNet and tell me what an idiot I am when I lose. 😉

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2011 Hognostications Week 17 – Championship Week!

Congrats to our week 16 winner, SkinsJock, with a very impressive 14-2 record. Rounding out the top five are: Hoss, andyjens89, Warmother and Redskin in Canada all with a 12-4 record.

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2011 Hognostications Week 16

Congratulations to our week 15 winner, andyjens89, with a very impressive 12-4 record. Rounding out the top three were: Hoss at 11-5 and tribeofjudah at 10-6. Good job fellas on a tough hognosticating week!! Read More

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2011 Hognostications Week 15

Congratulations to week 14 winner, Hoss, for an impressive 13-3 record. Rounding out the top four were: DesertSkin at 13-3, SkinsJock and vwoodzpusha both with 12-4. Congrats fellas!!!!

The race has tightened and the mighty DarthMonk had an unusual off week. Still could be any one’s to win with three weeks left!! Bring your “A” game!!!!!!

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2011 Hognostications Week 14

Congratulations to our week 13 winner, DarthMonk, with a 12-4 record! Week in and week out, DarthMonk has proven to be a true Hognosticator!!! Rounding out the top five were: Punu at 11-5, KazooSkinsFan, Deadskins and 1niksder each with a 10-6 record. Congrats everyone!!

There are only four weeks left until we crown our new champion, so bring you “A” game fellas!!!

Season Standings after Week 13:

DarthMonk 130-62

BigRedskinDaddy 124-68

tribeofjudah 123-69

Warmother 122-70

Hoss 121-71
KazooSkinsFan 121-71

DesertSkin 120-72
andyjens89 119-73
Redskin in Canada 119-73

Deadskins 118-74

vwoodzpusha 113-79
1niksder 113-79
Punu 106-86
SkinsJock 106-86

SAP_Pete 100-92

Unless notated in each week’s blog, all picks must be entered by 12 noon est on Sundays. There will be certain weeks when games will be played on Thursdays and Saturdays so please make sure you read each week’s blog for deadlines.
Each week there will be a tie breaker which is the last game of each week. Please post your total points for that game. Those getting the closest to the final score, over or under, will win the tie breaker.
If you have posted your picks DO NOT edit your post. If you need to make a correction you must enter a new post with your corrections/edit. I will not go back to your first post to look for edits, this is way too time consuming. If you fail to enter your picks by the posted deadline you will forfeit your picks.

Thursday December 8, 2011 – pick due by 8pm est

Cleveland @ Pittsburgh:

Sunday December 11, 2011 – rest of picks due by 12pm est

Kansas City @ NY Jets:
Tampa Bay @ Jacksonville:
New England @ Washington:
Atlanta @ Carolina:
Indianapolis @ Baltimore:
Philadelphia @ Miami:
Minnesota @ Detroit:
New Orleans @ Tennessee:
Houston @ Cincinnati:
Chicago @ Denver:
San Francisco @ Arizona:
Buffalo @ San Diego:
Oakland @ Green Bay:
NY Giants @ Dallas:

Monday December 12, 2011
St. Louis @ Seattle:


Bye = none

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2011 Hognostications Week 13

Congratulations to our week 12 winner, DarthMonk, with a very impressive 15-1 record!! DarthMonk is slowly pulling ahead but there are still five weeks left. Rounding out the top 4 were: Redskin in Canada, BigRedskinsDaddy and tribeofjudah all with a 14-2 record. Good job everyone!

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2011 Hognostications Week 12

Congratulations to our week 11 winner, DarthMonk, with a very impressive 11-3 record! Rounding out the top five were: Deadskins, Warmother,  KazooSkinsFan and tribeofjudah all with the same 10-4 record. Good job guys!!

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2011 Hognostications Week 11

Congratulations to our week 10 winner, DarthMonk, with an impressive 10-6 record after a very tough week! Rounding out the top 5 were: Redskin in Canada, vwoodzpusha, MDSKINSFAN and BigRedskinDaddy all with the same 9-7 record. Good job fellas!!

Keep an eye on the standings for there have been many changes, but it is still any one’s to win. Read More

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2011 Hognostications Week 10

Congratulations to our week 9 winner, REDEEMEDSKIN, with a record of 9-5. Keep in mind he beat out the 2nd place winner by picking against the Redskins. Rounding out the top 3 was: tribeofjudah at 9-5 and 1niksder at 8-6. Good job tribe and 1niksder!!!!

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2011 Hognostications Week 9

Congratulations to our week 8 winner, Warmother, with an impressive 9-4 record. Rounding out the top four were: BigRedskinDaddy, DarthMonk and Deadskins with an 8-5 record. Great job guys!!

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