Redskins Logo Re-Design A La Disney

Being an NFL fan, a Redskins fan, AND a proud daddy, I couldn’t help but take interest this week in a blog about someone who had re-designed the entire battery of NFL team logos in a Disney theme – especially given the constant news vitriol, and the controversy surrounding the Redskins, the use of their name, and of course of their logo.

The blog highlights a guy by the name of Mark Avery Kenny, who quite creatively just posted an entire series of NFL logos on his Instagram account.

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Richard Sherman Parody

It was really sad to see the Seattle Seahawks bow out of the playoffs yesterday, and by sad, I mean poetic. I’m sure I’m not the only Redskin fan in #RedskinsNation who like Trent Williams, wants to smack Richard Sherman in his mealy little mouth; so it was a little bit sweet to watch Roddy White blow past him like he wasn’t even there for a touchdown.

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Choking: Romo Style

Well our good friend Cowboy Jeff is at it again, and is there anything quite as delicious as something that pokes fun at the Dallas Cowboys?

The current beauty is a song called Choking: Romo Style – it’s a parody of Gangnam Style, and there are four Redskins mentioned by name. How can it not be fantastic right?

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Cowboy Jeff Strikes Again: “Fined”

Like any good Redskins fan – I hate everything about the Dallas Cowboys – their stupid team, their stupid owner, their stupid colors, their stupid quarterback, their stupid fans – but I have managed to find one decent thing about the Cowboys other than their misery, and that’s Cowboy Jeff.

Every now and again, my twiend Cowboy Jeff puts together a parody song that is either applicable to the Redskins, or just so sardonic, that any Redskin fan will appreciate the Cowboy content.

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Another Cowboys Parody Song

Cowboy Jeff is in rare form, as I received yet another parody song from him. My apologies to Jeff for not getting a link posted to it until now.

This one is dedicated to that ugly red-headed stepchild that mans the Cowboys sidelines these days – Jason Garrett – and is called Jerry’s Girl. It is to the tune of another 80’s “classic” Jesse’s Girl by Rick Springfield.

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