When Pigs Fly?

We at theHogs.net never miss an opportunity to make a bad pun on a good pig cliche, so I can’t help but think on the day that the city of Indianapolis let one of the greatest football players EVER escape, that I should look outside for flying pigs.

Subsequently I could also skate my way to a hell that must have frozen over if the mighty Peyton Manning had actually been relieved of his Colts’ duties.

And yet I watched it happen.

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QB Watch

If you’re a Redskins fan, you’re painfully aware that the Washington Redskins are looking for a quarterback solution for 2012. If you’re a ‘plugged in’ Redskins fan – you’re already probably sick of hearing about it.

The ink hasn’t even dried on the 2011 NFL season yet, and the Redskins interest in every quarterback with ‘moderately available’ attached to their name, seems to be being discussed.

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Leftovers – Week 6


In this week’s edition of Leftovers, Andre Carter talks about returning to a 3-point stance, preparing for Peyton Manning, the physical play of the defense and the parity of the NFL so far this year.

To read this week’s edition of THN Weekly, click here: THN Weekly with Andre Carter – Week 6

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