Redskins 2013 Draft Day 3

On Friday night, the Redskins chose to address two needs with their top picks. One was a pressing need. The other, not so much.

Washington needs bodies in the secondary and they addressed that spot with the selection of North Carolina State cornerback David Amerson. For the second time on the night, the Redskins decided to pass on the most pressing need, safety. Instead, Washington’s brass went by who they felt was the best player available in Florida tight end Jordan Reed, an athletic and elusive receiver who was a highly touted quarterback coming out of high school.

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Redskins 2013 Draft Day 2

The only thing predictable about this draft so far has been its unpredictability. After one round, we’ve seen Shariff Floyd fall from a projected third overall choice down to No. 23 with the Vikings, who ended up drafting three players in the first round. We’ve seen the Bills take E.J. Manuel as the first quarterback off the board. The Cowboys traded back and drafted a projected second rounder with the 31st selection.

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Redskins Draft Options: Safety

At the start of free agency, the Redskins had several defined needs: cornerback, right tackle, tight end, safety, inside linebacker and maybe a complimentary running back and wide receiver.

The team miraculously solved most of the crucial needs despite a strict cap penalty, including cornerback, tight end, and went to a four-way battle for right tackle since they couldn’t find a long-term solution.

Washington was able to retain 12 of their own free agents and brought back players like Fred Davis and DeAngelo Hall, who was cut in the beginning of free agency to save $8 million in cap space, at bargain prices. Winning a division sure changes things around Redskins Park, doesn’t it?

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