Tonight’s Top 5 Watch List

Everybody likes to watch different elements in the preseason. Here are the top 5 guys that I’ll have my eye on tonight:


Yeah, yeah, yeah. He won’t play much… it might be vanilla… he might hand the ball off half the time or more. Does any of that really matter?

Absolutely not. A new era begins for Washington tonight. Regardless of the lack of importance of the performance or the results, don’t try to tell me that Robert Griffin III isn’t the numero uno thing to watch tonight.

I’ll be watching him even when he’s done playing and just standing on the sidelines. So will you.

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And So It Begins… Again

Yes it’s that time of year again, thankfully, the 2011 NFL Preseason kicks off this evening at 8pm. Fans have been locked in cages and unfed for 6 months, devoid of all football nourishment until but a few weeks ago. We are hungry. We are ravenous. Our football appetites need to be quenched. It begins tonight – but what about that adage that preseason games are for the most part – vanilla and useless?

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Redskins Preseason Impressions… vs Buffalo

The muffed kickoff did nothing to tarnish the first impression…  the first drive ended in a punt from the 34, but the aura was undiminished… from that point on, our 1st and 2nd team offense, defense, even special teams exuded it…


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Redskins 2009 Preseason Schedule

Thanks to ESPN’s Matt Mosley, via tcwest’s post on our board, here is the Redskins 2009 Preseason Schedule:

Week 1: Washington at Baltimore

Week 2: Pittsburgh at Washington

Week 3: New England at Washington (national TV 8 p.m. ET FOX Aug. 28)

Week 4: Washington at Jacksonville

Geography good – competition stiff. 

I guess that’s what you want in a preseason schedule.

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Wade, Frost Among 22 Final Cuts

The Redskins released 22 players today to bring the roster down to the required limit of 53. Among those released are offensive lineman Todd Wade, punter Derrick Frost, and preseason standouts Marcus Mason and wide receiver Billy McMullen.

Mason and McMullen led the NFL in rushing and receiving yardage, respectively during the preseason.

Despite his release, plans to continue it’s weekly On the Line with Todd Wade articles for the upcoming 2008 season until he is signed by another team.

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