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Victory Monday… Redskins!

Nothing does it like victory.

That good feeling this morning is real.  The Redskins have continued the disciplined play that was the hallmark of their preseason. 

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Review of Washington Redskins vs. San Francisco 49ers

The Washington Redskins lost to the San Francisco 49ers 19-11 yesterday. 8 of those 11 points for the Redskins came in trash time when the 49ers weren’t playing a pressure-based defense.

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Sean’s Immediate Reaction Following Loss to Panthers

The Washington Redskins travelled to play the Carolina Panthers, and pretty much just got destroyed.

Before I get started on the offense, I want to bring up the defense.

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Leftovers: Reed Doughty Edition

As you all know, when a player is interviewed, not every answer or quote can fit into an article. Below are the leftovers of my latest interview with Redskins safety Reed Doughty, who always is great for quotes and giving honest answers. Reed talks about spending time with Adam Carriker after he moved to Colorado this offseason, the loss of Jarvis Jenkins, his ticket giveaway for the season opener against the New York Giants, and other events he has coming up in the future. Be sure to check out the article here and follow Reed on Twitter @doughty37.

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News And Notes From Redskins Park

A couple of familiar faces are coming back to Redskins Park – Rocky McIntosh, Reed Doughty and Kedric Golston all re-signed on Wednesday.

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They Won? Sorry… I'm Waiting for the Other Shoe…

Posted from Curmudgeon Corner, Maine

Ok, I admit it. The homer in me is thrilled with the result today.

The Redskins got a W. The offense found a little of it’s mojo, albeit not until the second half, with both a rare Redzone touchdown, and an even rarer deep strike for a 59 yard touchdown. The defense played pretty tough, and got the plays when they needed them. They consistently got off the field on third down. Tackling was solid.

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What’s Good?

So it’s a bye week, and for Redskin fans, that seems to mean a whole lot of people walking around with their heads down. Who can blame them? It’s been a tough first seven games.

Since the bye week is almost at the half-way point, I thought I’d take a look at the things that were ‘good’ for the Redskins in the first half of 2009.

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Leftovers – Weeks 5 and 6

Ladies and gentlemen, I apologize for the delay with the Leftovers from Week 5’s edition of THN Weekly with Andre Carter. They are posted below along with Week 6’s Leftovers.

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Game Recap: Washington 16 Tampa Bay 13

The Game Was Over When…

Jeremy Jarmon forced a Clifton Smith fumble with less than a minute to go in the game, and Chris Horton recovered.

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More on Reed Doughty

For those that would like to read more about Reed Doughty, I added a few questions and quotes from my interview with him that weren’t included in the article. I also added links to article what Reed has been up to lately.

THN: How has he (Albert Haynesworth) fit in with the team so far?

Reed: To be honest I haven’t talked to him on a personal level. We exchanged pleasantries and he is always around and working hard so it is great to see that.

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