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Throwback Thursday: RGIII’s Memorable 76-Yard Run Versus The Vikings

On this day in Washington history – October 14th, 2012 – Robert Griffin III had arguably his most electric, and memorable run for Washington.

Who doesn’t remember when RGIII took a quarterback draw 76-yards down the sidelines for a touchdown, to seal a 38-26 victory over the Minnesota Vikings?

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Throwback Thursday: Snead’s Two First Half Touchdowns Lead The Way

On this day in Washington history – October 7th, 1962 – Washington beat the Los Angeles Rams 20-14 at the District of Columbia aka D.C. Stadium.

Norm Snead led the way with two first touchdown passes, and Washington coasted from there to victory.

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Flashback Friday: Beck To The Future: The Buffalo Bills

On Sunday, Washington square off against the Buffalo Bills. They don’t play each other very often. They are in different Conferences, and often at different ends of the table. This will be just the fourth time they have faced each other in the last decade. And while nobody really wants to remember, it was almost ten years ago that Washington lost to the Bills in a most spectacular fashion.

In Canada.

I was there. Though I have regretted it ever since.

On October 30th, 2011, Washington played an away game in Toronto, Ontario, Canada at the Rogers Centre. It was part of the NFL’s International Series that put games in other world cities, and Buffalo played five home games in Toronto from 2008-2013. Read More

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Throwback Thursday: Mitchell Hauls in 50-Yard Pass For The Win

On this day in Washington history – September 23rd, 1962 – Washington edged the Browns 17-16 at Cleveland Municipal Stadium.

It was 16-10 Browns late in the fourth, until Bobby Mitchell hauled in a 50-yard pass from Norm Snead. Mitchell took it to the house and gave Washington the lead for good. Snead only completed eight passes in the game, and was sacked four times.

1962 was Mitchell’s second best season stats-wise. He caught 72 balls for 1384 yards, and caught a career high eleven touchdowns. He was named to the Pro Bowl for the second time, and was named First Team All pro. Read More

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Throwback Thursday: Riley Smith Beats Giants Single-Handedly

On this day in Washington Football history – September 16th, 1937 – Washington beat the New York Giants 13-3.

It was opening day for the 1937 season, and 24,500 fans lined Griffith Stadium for what was technically the first ever Washington Redskins game. The season before, the franchise was still in Boston and called the Boston Redskins.

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Chris Cooley – Pro Bowler and Pro Shipper?

This Tuesday FedEX “hired” Redskins Tight End Chris Cooley to help pack and ship their holiday presents at their 20th and K location.  FedEx partnered with several NFL players across the league to bring them to locations across the country.

With shipping packages being potentially one of the least enjoyable parts of the holidays, having your favorite NFL player there was certainly a great way to ship with FedEx.

The event was publicized through the local media and through Cooley’s twitter account, @thecooleyzone and there were a good contingent of fans who came out to see Captain Chaos as he wrapped packages and filled out waybills.

Christmas Present

One female Skins fan brought a Redskins football, not to be shipped but for a Christmas present for her Dad.

“He’s gonna love this” she exclaimed while being accompanied by her fellow coworker and fellow fan.

Another Skins fan said he found out that very day that Cooley would be in the area and breathlessly ran down to meet him. Unfortunately once he got there, he realized he had brought nothing for Chris to sign. Opportunity blown?

Chris suggested he pick up a holiday card off the shelves of the FedEx Office. Great idea Chris!

That’s definitely a holiday card that this fan will be keeping.

One of the best moments came when two girls had been sent by their office to drop off several packages. They entered with confused looks as to why there was a line of cameras and FedEx personnel. Then they saw, and quite clearly recognized who was behind the counter. They might even have squealed slightly.

Not your typical, FedEx employee to be sure. They seemed “flustered” but very happy to meet Chris. They looked almost in a daze as Chris helped them complete their errand. That’s one trip to drop off packages they won’t soon forget.

Quick Questions With Chris:

On why he was there…

“I’m here with ‘Pack with the Pros’… Its fun and I’m here basically taping and putting bows and wrapping on packages”.

On his upbringing and college days in much colder weather…

“I like to play in the cold, it’s not fun to practice in the cold.. I much prefer to play in 40 instead of 90 degrees”.

On shopping for the holidays himself…  

“I’m waiting for the very last day, I haven’t gotten anybody anything”.

On who he thought would be coming out of the NFC (he displayed the candor that has made him a fan favorite over his time with the Skins)…

“No… I want everyone else to lose”.

Vintage Cooley.

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Redskins Inactives for Browns Games

Here are todays inactives:

QB Colt Brennen will be the 3rd quarterback

WR Malcolm Kelly

CB Shawn Springs

RB Ladell Betts

OL Jason Fabini

OL Chad Rinehart

DE Erasmus James 

DE Rob Jackson.

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The All ‘New’ Redskins

So, we get a new coach for our new season, and start off with New York, and then New Orleans.

Okay, so the Redskins didn’t exactly knock anyone’s socks off in New York. Probably a good thing since I can’t imagine how knocking someone’s socks off really translates into doing a good job. Whatever the Redskins did, it was certainly the opposite of a good job. Read More

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Scooter’s 6 Pack: Week 6

1. Cross Roads
After five game last season, the Redskins were 0-5, and fans were jumping ship faster than camels on an Iraqui Cruiser. Now the Skins are 2-3. Last week the Redskins played their best game of the season in Tennessee, only to watch the Saints march in and crush the team at home. The Saints won the game in every aspect. Week 5, 2002 brings us to another crossroads. This team must now find a way to win 7 of the next 11 ballgames in order to have a reasonable chance to make the playoffs. One game at a time, one play at a time, this team can find a way to win. The question is; will they?

2. Courage under Fire
Patrick Ramsey has GUTS! The Saints did everything humanly, and unhumanely possible to knock Ramsey out of the game. He took ferocious shots to every part of his body and most of his internal organs. But Ramsey got up. He was knocked down, kicked, punched, pounced upon and poked. But Ramsey got up. The Saints are a very talented team, but the Redskins made them look like they were playing with 16 players, the Fearsome Foursome, the Steel Curtain and Orange Crush. Still, Ramsey managed to stay in the game. We’ve found our leader, now let’s find a way to keep him on his feet.

3. Safeties Out Numbered
However you pronounce – Ifeanyi Ohalete, you’ve said it all. In terms of safeties playing for the Redskins. Ohalete is pushing hard for the starting spot, and should have earned it after yesterday’s repeatedly poor effort by Sam Shade and David Terrell. It’s too bad Ohalete doesn’t have a brother, friend or relative to step in to the lineup as well. Shade and Terrell have been less than useless as safeties in the ‘new’ defensive scheme. At this point, we would be better off switching a reserve LB to the position. At least they would find a body to hit… even if it was the guy holding the down marker, at least they’d hit somebody.

4. Ug-Line
Possibly the ugliest performance of a Redskins offensive line in a decade was witnessed Sunday. The Saints are talented, but even reserves were shedding blocks and making huge plays. The line will improve this week, simply because there is no depth deeper than they have fallen. Samuels is obviously bothered by the groin injury and he’ll face Kabeer Gbaja-Biamilla this week. Another speed-rush guy to give Samuels a workout. This group needs a good brawl. When your QB gets sandwiched between two defensive linemen and a third falls on the pile, you’ve gotta take that PERSONALLY. This week will be a challenge to each lineman’s manhood and character.

5. Snow Pack
The weather forecast in Green Bay is SNOW. Having a sure-footed, bruising running back should be a plus. Hey, we’ve got one of those! Stephen Davis should be given the opportunity to take this game into his hands. That is – BOTH HANDS! The ball will be slick, the footing may be slicker. Possession recievers like Chris Doering have an advantage in this type of game. Brett Farve is, arguably, the best QB in the NFL. Snow, wind, bad conditions add up to a potential upset in Green Bay – but the Redskins will have to play their best game of the season to date.

6. Did you Hear That?
When you listen to Coach Spurrier’s next press conference, listen for the things he doesn’t say. Scooby Doo: Wroinks? Spurrier doesn’t like the press and the spotlight. He is pained by the duration of the questions being asked of him. There is an underlying discomfort that will surely be heard differently by the players and staff. Spurrier tries to put on his best face for the cameras. In meetings and in practice, he can truly be himself. I would love to be a fly on the wall this week at Redskin Park. You can expect Coach Spurrier to find a way to motivate this team to play… and we’ll need all the motivation we can get for the Packers.

Edit: This blog was archived in May of 2016 from our original articles database.It was originally posted by Scott Moore

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Scooter’s 6 Pack: The Inaugural Edition

Welcome to the inaugural Six Pack. Each week, there will be six hard-hitting, maximum intensity thoughts about… stuff.

Hopefully at least one of them makes you laugh.


1. Peaceful Exchange of Power

Once again, the Washington Redskins have completed a smooth transition of power.

The old Schottenhiemer family is out in D.C. and Steve Spurrier is in as the new Head Coach. Almost as importantly, Marvin Lewis was hired as the Skins Defensive Coordinator. While Spurrier’s offense has received the majority of the off season media attention, Marvin Lewis’ defense has all the makings for a defense of historical proportions.

2. The best LB corps in history?

Say the word,”linebacker.” Say it three more times and you’ve got the best linebacking corps to ever wear the Burgundy and Gold. Jeremiah Trotter came over from the Eagles, the Eagles Defensive MVP last season. Jessie Armstead, a leader on and off the field, joined the Redskins by way of the Giants.

Even sweeter than taking two key players from division rivals, is the fact that they now join LaVar Arrington to complete the revamped linebacker corps. Marvin Lewis’ system revolves around aggressive linebacker play. Armstead, Trotter and Arrington are ready for action.

3. The Man Forgotten: Stephen Davis

While opponents scramble to find old Florida Gator game films and attempt to diagram assignments against the Redskins pass attack, one person has gone largely unmentioned… Stephen Davis. After being snubbed by the Pro Bowl voters in 2001, Davis will no doubt be a part of Steve Spurrier’s attack. Davis earned his yards last season when everyone in the stadium knew he was going to be handed the ball. Opponents won’t be able to constantly stack the line against the run as in years past. Davis may find himself in the open field more often than ever before, as opponents flood their secondaries with additional defensive backs.

4. From clipboard holder to starter.

Former clipboard holder, Sage Rosenfels will be given his first opportunity to start an NFL game against the San Francisco 49er’s in Osaka, Japan. Rosenfels has shown flashes of ability and by all rights should have been given an opportunity to play in 2001.

Instead, Rosenfels will make his first start, in a new offense, with a new head coach, half way around the world. While the butterflies dance around his belly like bowling balls, he may just prove to be a bona fide NFL Quarterback. The 49er’s have no idea what to expect from the Redskins new offense, nor Rosenfels. This first test is a huge one for Rosenfels – don’t bet against him.

5. Gardener: Reminds Me of Another Story

Something about the Daryl Gardener situation reminds me of a time a few years ago when the Redskins were considering a one-time Cincinnati Bengal. This player was said to be an underachiver who played hard at times and took plays off at other times. His teammates and coaches became disenchanted with him.

“Big Daddy” Dan Wilkinson carried all of that baggage with him to DC. Since then, Wilkinson has been the most consistent performer on the Skins defensive front. Now that Gardener has become a Redskin, he has proven leadership and a kindred sole waiting for him everyday. Gardener certainly has the potential to match everything Big Daddy has done for the Skins – perhaps even more.

6. AFC/ NFC Forecasts

Every off season I look over the entire roster, draft, schedule and staff for every NFL team. This year was no different. Back when nobody believed the Rams would ever contend for a title – I said they were going to contend for their division title. Last season, I also forecasted the Patriots would win their division. This year is no different.

Look for the Cleveland Browns to win the AFC Central over Pittsburgh. Look for the Indianapolis Colts to win the AFC South, over Tennessee. And last, but certainly not least – look for the Washington Redskins to win the NFC East, over the Philadelphia Eagles Perhaps even more importantly, the Redskins will end years of humiliation at the hands of the Dallas Cowboys with a huge victory!


This blog was archived in May of 2016 from our original articles database. It was originally posted by Scott “Scooter” Moore.

In Memoriam

Unfortunately Scott passed away in 2011. He is still thought of nearly 20 years on from meeting him. If it weren’t for his initial help when I started the site, it is doubtful that it would have continued very long. He was a great contributor, and a good man.

Right to Left: Scooter, Ricky Ervins, Ken Harvey, Mark, and Wingman at Ken Harvey Football Fan Classic 2003

In the photo, we are all wearing stylish visors. Visors that Scooter had made up. They were a really hot item.

If he’s looking down from above, he should know that my visor lasted 17 years. And was worn constantly. It was lost in a fire or could have maybe held out a little longer.

I miss that visor.

But not as much as I miss Scooter.

Scott’s Obituary

Rest in peace brother.

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Scooter’s Board Avatar

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