Tuesday Hog Wash

As Redskin fans spent Monday pouring over article after article about the Redskins mini-camp that came to a close on Sunday, one thing that seems painfully obvious, Robert Griffin III blew the doors off of his first NFL on-field assignment.

Sunday was the first opportunity that the media were granted access to Mini-Camp, so all eyes were focused squarely on the new Redskins quarterback, and that usually means just one thing in Washington – scrutiny. And yet in a city that seems to love to hate as much as it loves to love, very few souls seem willing to venture out into that gentle abyss and rock the RGIII boat – at least not yet.

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Hog Wire: News And Notes

Gaffney Released

I’m not sure I really understand the ‘celebration’ of some Redskins fans of the news today that Jabar Gaffney had been released, but whatever. Gaffney was the most dependable receiver on the roster last season, his only season in the burgundy and gold. Other than a Twitter tirade that may or may not have been him (he says that his account was hacked), his time in Washington was very positive.

He hauled in 68 catches for 947 yards and 5 touchdowns in 2011 – all team highs. All three were also career highs (touchdowns tied 2007).

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TGIF Photoshop: Skippy Baseless

If you’re a sports fan and you’ve ever tuned into the corporate big wheel that is ESPN, you’ve likely seen a face or two that just make you go, “Hmmmm.”

For me, that joker is Skip Bayless. I try not to be venomous about it, because it isn’t Skippy’s fault that he works for an employer that obviously encourages him to be as big a douchebag as is humanly possible. If Skippy wasn’t doing exactly what was expected of him, he’d be out in the cold. Instead – he’s front and center.

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