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Washington Add Names To Selection Process For 90 Greatest

When Washington announced earlier this week that they had a new patch to commemorate the franchise’s 90th season, they also released a list of names that fans would be able to choose from, to have a new 90 Greatest list.

Originally in 2002, Washington came up with 70 players on the 70th Anniversary, that comprised the first Greatest list. In 2012, they added 10 more players to commemorate the 80th Anniversary.

Of course it stands to reason that in 2022, 10 players will again be added to the annuls of Washington history, and take their place on the 90 Greatest. Read More

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The 5th Quarter: Week 14 – Giants

It was a tough outing for Washington, as is reflected in this week’s 5th Quarter rankings. It wasn’t a great performance from any facet of the team on Sunday. From Danny Wuerffel being sacked five times, to Champ Bailey fumbling a punt.


Coach Spurrier‘s ‘de-emphasis’ of both the running game and Stephen Davis continued against the Giants. Seven different Redskins had runs, though Washington ran the ball only 20 times. Davis had just 12 carries for 70 yards (5.8 yards per carry), including a nice 33 yards gain in the 3rd quarter.

If management plans on evaluating the young rushing talent on the roster, they didn’t on Sunday. Kenny Watson and Ladell Betts combined for an unremarkable 3 carries and 12 yards.

2 Quarters


Passing? How can you pass with an offensive line playing like that? Getting sacked 6 times during one game can lead to mistakes from the most veteran of QB’s. The gloved-one, Danny Wuerffel, started the game and was 13 of 19 for 159 yards, 1 INT. He was sacked 5 times by defenders that ran right through the holes of the offensive line.

Patrick Ramsey came in after Danny bruised his shoulder (and probably his pride) and threw for 204 yards and 1 TD (12 of 27). Not great numbers from either QB, although Ramsey nearly led the Redskins all the way back. Four of the Redskins’ turnovers were on pass plays.

2 Quarters


Tiki Barber had 96 yards on 20 carries against a Redskins defense that played it’s first game without Dan Wilkinson and Jeremiah Trotter. Keith Mitchell led all defenders with 8 tackles and Bruce Smith had another sack in his quest for Reggie White’s record. Otherwise, the defense’s performance was forgettable.

Once again Jeremy Shockey had a strong game grabbing a team high 89 yards on just 5 catches to lead all Giants receivers. Amani Toomer added 4 catches and 60 yards including a 29 yard touchdown pass against Champ Bailey. Bailey got twisted around and beaten in a manner we’re not accustomed to seeing from the Pro Bowl linebacker.

2 Quarters


Another game of special teams despair. Jose Cortez missed his first FG attempt as a Redskin, a makable 43 yard kick that he pushed wide to the right.

The biggest blunder on special teams came when Champ fumbled a punt in the 3rd quarter after Washington had fought back from 17-0 down to 17-14. Former Redskin Kato Serwanga pounced on the fumble at the Skins 22 and the G-men scored two plays later to go up 24-14.

1 Quarter


Edit: This blog was archived in May of 2016 from our original articles database. It was originally posted by Mark Solway

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The 5th Quarter: Week 12 – Rams

Welcome to this week’s 5th Quarter.

Ranking four main areas of play from the Redskins versus Rams game – from one to five quarters – Rushing, Passing, Defense, and Special Teams. Five quarters is the best score a unit can receive.


The Redskins took a business like approach to the running game today and it paid huge dividends. Although their stats may not seem impressive overall, as the team rushed the ball 39 times for a total of 127 yards, the rushing game played a large part of the win. Stephen Davis accounted for the bulk of that yardage as he rushed 31 times for 88 yards and scored THREE TD’s. The offense used the running attack to control the entire game. The Redskins had only one rushing attempt that didn’t net positive yardage.

4 Quarters


Danny Wuerffel answered his critics with a strong performance and gave the Redskins every chance to beat the Rams. He went 16 of 23 (70%) for 235 yards and made some big third down plays. Rod Gardner led all receivers with 4 catches for 76 yards. Perhaps the catch of the game was an 18 yard acrobatic grab by big tight end Walter Rasby.

4 Quarters


Overall the defense had a good game, just not a great one. In the end, it would be the defense that would win this game however, when Lavar Arrington streaked around the right tackle and knocked the ball out of Warner’s hand with less than 15 seconds to play. The defense successfully shut down the Rams ‘Marshall Faulk-less’ running game which managed just 84 yards, but Warner still managed to throw for over 300 yards (34/49, 301 yards).

Daryl Gardener was the player who recovered the fumble at the end of the game to cap off another great performance..

3 Quarters


The Redskins placekicking game almost cost them the game–one botched extra point and two missed field goals left seven points on the field. Champ Bailey had a beautiful 39-yard punt return to the Rams’ 42, though he’s got to learn not to hold the ball like a loaf of bread. Tuthill did have a kick-off sail through the endzone, something the ‘Skins haven’t seen in years and which prompted a standing ovation. A fumble on a kick late in the game caused some nail-biting before it was ruled that the Redskins retained possession.

2 Quarters


Edit: This blog was archived in May of 2016 from our original articles database.It was originally posted by Mark Solway

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The 5th Quarter: Week 11 – Giants

Welcome to The 5th Quarter.

Ranking four main areas of play from the Washington game, from one to five quarters – Rushing, Passing, Defense, and Special Teams. Five quarters is the best score a unit can receive.


Read More

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Scooter’s 6 Pack: The Inaugural Edition

Welcome to the inaugural Six Pack. Each week, there will be six hard-hitting, maximum intensity thoughts about… stuff.

Hopefully at least one of them makes you laugh.


1. Peaceful Exchange of Power

Once again, the Washington Redskins have completed a smooth transition of power.

The old Schottenhiemer family is out in D.C. and Steve Spurrier is in as the new Head Coach. Almost as importantly, Marvin Lewis was hired as the Skins Defensive Coordinator. While Spurrier’s offense has received the majority of the off season media attention, Marvin Lewis’ defense has all the makings for a defense of historical proportions.

2. The best LB corps in history?

Say the word,”linebacker.” Say it three more times and you’ve got the best linebacking corps to ever wear the Burgundy and Gold. Jeremiah Trotter came over from the Eagles, the Eagles Defensive MVP last season. Jessie Armstead, a leader on and off the field, joined the Redskins by way of the Giants.

Even sweeter than taking two key players from division rivals, is the fact that they now join LaVar Arrington to complete the revamped linebacker corps. Marvin Lewis’ system revolves around aggressive linebacker play. Armstead, Trotter and Arrington are ready for action.

3. The Man Forgotten: Stephen Davis

While opponents scramble to find old Florida Gator game films and attempt to diagram assignments against the Redskins pass attack, one person has gone largely unmentioned… Stephen Davis. After being snubbed by the Pro Bowl voters in 2001, Davis will no doubt be a part of Steve Spurrier’s attack. Davis earned his yards last season when everyone in the stadium knew he was going to be handed the ball. Opponents won’t be able to constantly stack the line against the run as in years past. Davis may find himself in the open field more often than ever before, as opponents flood their secondaries with additional defensive backs.

4. From clipboard holder to starter.

Former clipboard holder, Sage Rosenfels will be given his first opportunity to start an NFL game against the San Francisco 49er’s in Osaka, Japan. Rosenfels has shown flashes of ability and by all rights should have been given an opportunity to play in 2001.

Instead, Rosenfels will make his first start, in a new offense, with a new head coach, half way around the world. While the butterflies dance around his belly like bowling balls, he may just prove to be a bona fide NFL Quarterback. The 49er’s have no idea what to expect from the Redskins new offense, nor Rosenfels. This first test is a huge one for Rosenfels – don’t bet against him.

5. Gardener: Reminds Me of Another Story

Something about the Daryl Gardener situation reminds me of a time a few years ago when the Redskins were considering a one-time Cincinnati Bengal. This player was said to be an underachiver who played hard at times and took plays off at other times. His teammates and coaches became disenchanted with him.

“Big Daddy” Dan Wilkinson carried all of that baggage with him to DC. Since then, Wilkinson has been the most consistent performer on the Skins defensive front. Now that Gardener has become a Redskin, he has proven leadership and a kindred sole waiting for him everyday. Gardener certainly has the potential to match everything Big Daddy has done for the Skins – perhaps even more.

6. AFC/ NFC Forecasts

Every off season I look over the entire roster, draft, schedule and staff for every NFL team. This year was no different. Back when nobody believed the Rams would ever contend for a title – I said they were going to contend for their division title. Last season, I also forecasted the Patriots would win their division. This year is no different.

Look for the Cleveland Browns to win the AFC Central over Pittsburgh. Look for the Indianapolis Colts to win the AFC South, over Tennessee. And last, but certainly not least – look for the Washington Redskins to win the NFC East, over the Philadelphia Eagles Perhaps even more importantly, the Redskins will end years of humiliation at the hands of the Dallas Cowboys with a huge victory!


This blog was archived in May of 2016 from our original articles database. It was originally posted by Scott “Scooter” Moore.

In Memoriam

Unfortunately Scott passed away in 2011. He is still thought of nearly 20 years on from meeting him. If it weren’t for his initial help when I started the site, it is doubtful that it would have continued very long. He was a great contributor, and a good man.

Right to Left: Scooter, Ricky Ervins, Ken Harvey, Mark, and Wingman at Ken Harvey Football Fan Classic 2003

In the photo, we are all wearing stylish visors. Visors that Scooter had made up. They were a really hot item.

If he’s looking down from above, he should know that my visor lasted 17 years. And was worn constantly. It was lost in a fire or could have maybe held out a little longer.

I miss that visor.

But not as much as I miss Scooter.

Scott’s Obituary

Rest in peace brother.

Scooter's Board Avatar

Scooter’s Board Avatar

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