Patriots, Eagles, and Prop Bets: Your Super Bowl Starts Now

This weekend marks the pinnacle of the 2017 NFL season with the playing of the 52nd Super Bowl in Minnesota. It feels like forever ago back on January 21st when the Conference Championships were decided, putting the wheels in motion for one of the better Super Bowl matchups in recent memory. Predictably the Patriots make yet another appearance at the show after rolling through the AFC playoff bracket, albeit with a few close calls. Meanwhile in the NFC, Nick Foles picked up the pieces after the Eagles starting QB Carson Wentz goes down, and Foles has people thinking twice about his potential as a starter, or Super Bowl champion for that matter.

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Great Super Bowl

As much as I hated the entire week leading up to the Super Bowl, the game itself was absolutely fantastic. It was… what the Super Bowl is supposed to be. A closely contested battle between what were quite obviously the league’s two best teams.

Let’s face it, the Seahawks blew it. There isn’t a coach / player / team alive that wouldn’t take the scenario that Seattle had. Down by just 4 points – less than a minute to go – but with the ball on the one yard line and with the game’s absolute best power back in your backfield. Marshawn Lynch can gain a yard on nearly any play, he is #BeastMode for a reason. That reason. The guy can run with 8 NFL players on his back. His leg drive is incredible.

So how on earth do you call a pass?

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Super… Hype 49

The pageantry from the NFL this week has been incredible. From Deflate-Gate to reporters clad in barrels, the hype machine during the Super Bowl lead-up has been absolutely feverish. Actually, pretty much nauseating to most of their genuine fans I would imagine, certainly to me.


What do you think? Has the NFL spent so much time, energy and money using the Super Bowl to attract a “new viewer” that they have completely forgotten and ignored their existing fanbase?

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