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Cheap Seats: It’s getting closer…

It’s getting closer with every breath we take.  With every article we read, or interview we hear.  Every day it grows stronger in more than thirty locations around the nation.  It’s almost palpable.  Like a living breathing entity that needs time to grow and take shape, it has times of frustration and times of excitement, albeit in small amounts.  To some, it’s like the Loch Ness Monster in that it isn’t even a real thing.  To others, it’s as real as life itself.

Football season.

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Return Of The Cheap Seats

Football Is Back, And So Am I

Aside from winning the Super Bowl, hoisting the Lombardi Trophy over one’s head and uttering the famous line, “I am going to Disney World,” there are few stronger football emotions than the feeling we all got when the announcement was made, “Football is back”.  I always laughed at the notion of “Christmas in July,” until I realized that the announcement that the NFL lockout was over, was made on July 25th.  The only thing that would have made it better, would have been Roger Goodell and DeMaurice Smith squaring off in an MMA octagon, so that will have to remain on the Christmas list.

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A Prodigal Son Returns Home

If you’re looking for a blog about a Washington Redskin fan favorite returning home – then this blog is the wrong place to look! Sort of.

This blog is just an FYI and a teaser that a long, long time friend of THN is making his way back to the Redskins blogosphere. In fact, he’s been gone long enough for us to say, that he and I were blogging about the Redskins before there were blogs.

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Cheap Seats: Christmas and Football

With the Redskins’ season being ostensibly over like it is, and drawing near the Christmas holiday, I thought that a break from the rigors of a non-playoff season was in order. For those of you regulars to The Cheap Seats, you will see that this is not the normal stuff.

Christmas has always been my favorite time of the year, even now as a 30-year-old; I still get as excited for Christmas as I did when I was a child.

My Christmas list (even now) always had a strong football flavor. There was always a request for an official NFL football, jerseys, uniforms and a plethora of football games. While I am still waiting for the official NFL football (maybe this year?), over the years I have received most of the other “wanted” items.

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