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Special THN Tie-In On the B-Mitch Show Tonight

Just a heads up to the THN community and Redskins Nation that I will be on the Brian Mitchell Tailgate Show tonight at 7pm on It is a very special panel for tonight’s show, as the crew of the show asked me to round up the guys that chip in, and help me put out the Game Day Preview article every week.

As if it’s not enough of an honor to be on the show, to be on the show based on the quality of a piece of Redskins content that comes from this site, is high praise indeed. Read More

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THN on The B-Mitch Tailgate Show

Last night I was fortunate enough to make my first appearance on Brian Mitchell’s new Tailgate Show. If you’re not familiar with the show, please check out my blog from when THN’s own Bobby Johnson was on the show a few weeks ago.

Brian Mitchell has been coming by this website for a few years, and was interacting with the fan base here, before Twitter, before Facebook, before players actually interacted with the fans. I have always been very appreciative of the fact that he did so, and I have always tried to reciprocate that support wherever I could. Read More

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New Feature Coming This Afternoon!

At THN, we’re always trying to do things a little differently, or at least with a touch of our own flavor. So I had an idea a few weeks ago, that I set into motion and will launch today. We’re going to do a cross blog promotion with some new friends and old.

Gone are the days where people would never even dream of mentioning other people’s websites or blogs; it’s a big world out there, and you can reach a lot more people when you help each other, not stifle each other. So I reached out to a few people to see if they would be interested in doing something together, and to my delight, everybody I asked was into it. Read More

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Mitchell Brings Redskin Fans A New Experience

The premier of the Brian Mitchell ‘Tailgate’ show aired tonight and I have to say, I thoroughly enjoyed it. Sure I have a biased opinion because THN was included in the show, but the format and the overall feel has a tangible quality that for me as a fan, was very different; moreover, it was extremely entertaining. Read More

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THN to Join Pro Football Central Radio Thursday

Our very own SkinsFreak (a.k.a. Brad Johnson — and no, not THE Brad Johnson) will be joining the cast of Pro Football Central Radio on Thursday to preview the Washington Redskins off-season.

This blurb is from their web page:

Pro Football Central Radio Show will be live this Thursday and will provide the best preview/review of the NFC East that you will find anywhere, guranteed. Already confirmed to be joining us live will be reporters from there respective teams, representing the Dallas Cowboys , representing the Giants , and representing the Redskins . We will be announcing an Eagles representative very shortly.

For more information or to listen, please visit them or stay tuned here for more details.

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