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Hightower Returns

Tim Hightower tweeted late Sunday night that he had re-signed with the Redskins. Well actually, he tweeted this:

The Redskins picked up Hightower last season in a trade with the Arizona Cardinals that saw a sixth-round pick and defensive end Vonnie Holliday, go the other way.

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Things Still Looking Up? Preseason Game 2

The Colts are notorious as “non-performers” through pre-season.   That is a given.   They view preseason as an opportunity to evaluate personnel, and to get into game shape.   Yet, you can’t help but wonder if there isn’t a bit of concern in Indy this morning.  

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22-21. The good… and the bad…

The Skins dominated possession.  It was a good win, one that, in prior seasons, would have been a loss…  but, there was good and bad to be gleaned from yesterday’s victory over the Cards.

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Victory Monday… Redskins!

Nothing does it like victory.

That good feeling this morning is real.  The Redskins have continued the disciplined play that was the hallmark of their preseason. 

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Analysis of the Washington Redskins and Fans

Okay, it’s finally time I present this long-winded rant about the Redskins. Just a quick disclaimer, there may be some foul language, I may target some people, and this is not going to be a rant all about the team or coaches… “fans” are as open a target as any.

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What’s Really Wrong With Washington Redskins’ Offense?

Okay, so by the numbers, the Redskins offense overall ranks 17th in the 3 major categories (yards per game, pass yards per game, and rush yards per game). They rank 22nd in the league in yards per play. They’re tied for 19th in yards per carry, and 12th in attempts per game. They’re tied for 25th in plays from scrimmage with 327, of which 180 are passing attempts. That’s 55%, which is respectable.

But let’s break down into more numbers. On first down, the Washington Redskins (with Rex Grossman) have attempted 67 passes. Ryan Torain has run on 15 first downs, Hightower 38 times, and Roy Helu 15 times. That’s 68 attempts on the ground vs. 67 attempts through the air.

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By The Numbers: Colts

Numbers don’t always tell the story, especially in the preseason; but they can still be fun to look at. Here are some of the more telling numbers from the Redskins 16-3 thrashing of the Indianapolis Colts on Friday night:

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Redskins v. Steelers: Helped and Hurt

The Washington Redskins had an impressive debut with their 16-7 victory over the Pittsburgh Steelers on Friday night. Sure it’s only the preseason, but not only did the Redskins earn the win, there were plenty of performances to be encouraged by.

Basically preseason games boil down to one important, and simple concept – evaluation. So here’s my look at the guys who helped themselves, and the guys that may have hurt themselves.

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