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Pissed Off Tom Brady Press Conference Transcript

The amount of headline attention garnered by Tom Brady’s post-game press conference yesterday is surprising. It was even picked up by TMZ, whose sports interests generally revolve around scandals and untimely deaths.

Would it be as news worthy if it wasn’t Tom Brady?

Probably not.

It seems to have grabbed as much or more attention than the game between Washington and Tampa Bay itself. That’s a bit of a shame when a bottom five team just beat the defending Super Bowl Champs.

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Loser Papers: 2021 Edition III – WFT Over Tampa Bay Bucs

It’s been a while since there has been an edition of Loser Papers here at THN. It’s a long story as to why – we were offline for a minute.

We’ve always enjoyed having a look at some of the funny things that get written in the press the day after a team is beaten by Washington. It’s harder and harder to call it “Loser Papers” because often there are no newspapers in that market anymore!!!

Still, we endeavour to find funny, often dire things said about the competition when they lose to Washington.

Here are a few examples from this week’s third win of the season:


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Great Super Bowl

As much as I hated the entire week leading up to the Super Bowl, the game itself was absolutely fantastic. It was… what the Super Bowl is supposed to be. A closely contested battle between what were quite obviously the league’s two best teams.

Let’s face it, the Seahawks blew it. There isn’t a coach / player / team alive that wouldn’t take the scenario that Seattle had. Down by just 4 points – less than a minute to go – but with the ball on the one yard line and with the game’s absolute best power back in your backfield. Marshawn Lynch can gain a yard on nearly any play, he is #BeastMode for a reason. That reason. The guy can run with 8 NFL players on his back. His leg drive is incredible.

So how on earth do you call a pass?

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A Horse Walks into a Bar…

The Bartender asks; “Why the long face?”

How many of you realize that the Redskins actually won the game yesterday? Show of hands?

No seriously, they did.

Yes…they did. I wouldn’t lie to you, they won.

Yes, I know they only scored nine points, but nine is greater than seven.

Oh sure, they naysayers are saying “same old Redskins; only scored nine points. That won’t be enough to beat our tougher opponents.”

Consider this:

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