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Choking: Romo Style

Well our good friend Cowboy Jeff is at it again, and is there anything quite as delicious as something that pokes fun at the Dallas Cowboys?

The current beauty is a song called Choking: Romo Style – it’s a parody of Gangnam Style, and there are four Redskins mentioned by name. How can it not be fantastic right?

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Romo Burning

You may have seen this epic piece of Redskin-ness – maybe you haven’t – that’s why I’m posting it!

The pic comes to me via Simone Bett (@SimoneBett on Twitter) and the picture actually belongs to Timothy Butz.

Thanks Simone and Timothy.

You can tailgate normally for a game, or you can do it up right and burn a Tony Romo scarecrow.

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Epic Romo Bashing Greatness

One of the coolest things about having a long-time running website is some of the great correspondence you get. Sure you get a lot of garbage in your mailbox too, but sometimes things stick out, like the email I just received.

I don’t want to cut and paste the email, but the basic gist of it is this… I got an email from a guy named Jeff who is a Cowboys fan. He is a Cowboys fan that is disgruntled with Tony Romo. He is also a Cowboys fan that writes parody songs. Can you see where this is going? Starting to see why my email from a Cowboys fan was a cool one?

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Debunking The Myth

Ryan O’Halloran wrote a great piece today about the alleged “cheating” and “snap count mimicking” in the Cowboys game.

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THN Toon: Tony Romo

We want Dallas! We Want Dallas! We want Dallas!

To honor one of the toughest ladies to ever play in the NFL, here’s this week’s Toon:

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Redskins Held to Victory over Cowboys

I’ve never been a big fan of the officials. I’ve never really made that a secret. When they called unnecessary roughness on London Fletcher, I was fit to be tied. Redskins’ fans are all too familiar with the refs determining the outcome of games, but it’s a strange feeling when the call goes our way.

photo by Terri Russell

A guy I work with told me he was going to root against the Redskins last week. He’s not a Cowboys fan, he just hates the Redskins. He told me about how he, and a bunch of his friends who are Cowboys fans, were going to go out to a bar just so they could talk smack to Redskins fans when they lost.

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