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Trade Value Chart For The 2023 NFL Draft

It’s time! The 2023 NFL Draft is finally here. Let the festivities begin! At 8:00pm tonight, all of the idle speculation and pontificating ends, and the real deal begins.

These days, absolutely everyone is a General Manager, and that means that everyone needs the trade value chart more than ever before. How else can you tell somebody every draft trade scenario you can think of AND back it up with the numbers to prove it?

After all, this chart is gospel. If the trade doesn’t fit perfectly within the confines of this exact chart, then the National Football League throws it out.

Okay, that’s not true. But for the next three days, it’s gospel to you.


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Trade Value Chart Splash

2021 NFL Trade Value Chart

USA Today put out a great trade Value Chart and distributed it in various schemas to suit each NFL team. I never saw one for Washington, so I scarfed the Denver Broncos one, and made the necessary modifications.

I did notice that none of their versions had the new Cowboys logo on it, but mine does. *wink*

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