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Twitter Entertainment For The Redskins Fan

If you’re not on Twitter, and can’t figure out what you could possibly be missing, maybe you should read the following before rushing to judgment. Ok, well maybe it’s not that earth-shattering, but still, read on…

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Daniels Wants To Set The Record Straight

Phillip Daniels is upset with Dan Steinberg of the Washington Post’s DCSportsBog.

The very recently released defensive lineman obviously had to face a barrage of questions over the last 24 hours, and he’s not to pleased about the interpretations of his comments, made by Steinberg. Daniels took the opportunity this afternoon, to make his side of the story clear on Twitter. What follows is a series of tweets by Phil (@PhilDayz93), with links to the actual Twitter posts.

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UDFA Feeding Frenzy Begins

With the NFL lockout ending yesterday, football fans everywhere celebrated and flocked to Message Boards, Blogs, Facebook and Twitter to express their feelings on the situation. Information and misinformation was flying fast and furious. You had to have your head on a swivel, and you had to be very careful about determining what was truly news, as opposed to just hype or conjecture.

NFL teams were granted permission to start football operations, and despite the fact that they can’t sign anyone until Friday, teams are allowed to make hand shake deals with this year’s crop of Undrafted Free Agents. Rumors swirled all night on the world wide web, and it appears as though at least three college players agreed in principle to Redskin contracts. Keep in mind that none of the transactions can be completed until the end of the week, so players can change their minds.

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Twitter Me This

Twitter and the NFL shared a lot of news headlines this week. It was inevitable; things like Twitter and Facebook updates, bring the world to Joe Q. Public in almost real time. There’s good and there’s bad with that.

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