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Poisoning the Well?

There is a growing sense of dread in Redskins Nation.

No… it has nothing to do with the growing realization that this season needs to be spoken of in the past tense.

While painful, it is not about the likely loss of one of the best LT’s to the potential of a spinal injury.

Chris Cooley will be fine… so, no, not that either. Read More

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Bruce Allen? George Allen? Memories…

All I can say is wow. Cerrato. Gone. Poof. I sure didn’t see it coming. Of course, in hind sight… there have been a number of Daniel Snyder – Bruce Allen sightings… and I think that there have been a couple of quickly dismissed rumors… We all wished… but no one expected… for Cerrato to leave the scene.

So, there is delirium… rumors continue to swirl… it seems that most money is on Mike Shanahan to become the next HC… but, who would expect that to be announced before the end of the season? Read More

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