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Commanders Bringing Up The Rear In Recent NFL Players Association Survey

The NFL Players Association just conducted a thorough league survey. They called them “NFL Player Team Report Cards.” In them, they graded teams in various categories like treatment of families, food service/nutrition, weight room, strength coaches, training room, training staff, locker room and even team travel.

The Washington Commanders finished dead last.

The report was released yesterday during the Scouting Combine, and was based on anonymous responses from approximately 1,300 players.

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Eric Bieniemy Named New Washington Commanders Offensive Coordinator

Many were considered. But from the moment the Kansas City Chiefs closed out the 2022 season with a Super Bowl victory over the Philadelphia Eagles, it seemed that the Washington Commanders really only had eyes for Eric Bieniemy. Today, he was named both the Offensive Coordinator and the Assistant Head Coach, and so began a new chapter for the Commanders.

Bieniemy agreed to a two-year deal that includes a “promotion in title and contractual structure,” according to ESPN’s Adam Schefter.

It also included a pay raise. He was not under contract with the Chiefs for 2023.

He will be introduced at a news conference next week.

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Washington Commanders Sale Looms Close According To ‘Sources’

According to NBC Sports Washington, the sale of the Washington Commanders, “will be over soon.” According to whom, you may ask? Well there weren’t any sources actually listed for the claim, but apparently it will be done, “As soon as March.”

Does making it plural and stating that “sources” are making the claim, somehow make it more official?

Is this really much of a news item?

So a sale COULD / SHOULD happen as soon as March?

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Meet Major Tuddy – The Washington Commanders New Mascot

Do you know what a tuddy is? Are you hip? You must know then, that a tuddy is what all the young ‘uns are calling a touchdown these days. You knew that, right? Just ignore the fact that tuddy is also a euphemism for the buttocks.

The new Commanders mascot is a cartoon pig named Major Tuddy.

So what if Washington hasn’t had a mascot for their entire 90 year history? They need one now that they are the Washington Commanders. They have to establish that new brand. They have to fortify that look and feel of having a military tone.

So of course they chose a… cartoon pig.

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Washington Trash The Cowboys In The Season Finale

With nothing to play for but pride, the Washington Commanders handed the Dallas Cowboys their proverbial behinds in the final game of the 2022 regular season. Washington outclassed the Cowboys 26-6 largely on the strength of a colossal effort from their defense.

In what may very well have been the very last time that the Commanders took the field with Dan Snyder as owner, there wasn’t much to play for. Perhaps that’s fitting given the tumultuous times of the past two decades-plus under Snyder’s thumb. Washington were eliminated from Wild Card contention in Week 17, and no result from them in Week 18 was going to change that.

Given that, the Commanders chose to sit some regulars in lieu of evaluating some talent that had seen little or no playing time this season. That included getting quarterback Sam Howell his first start.

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Could This Really Be Snyder’s Last Game? Pinch Me!

Bye Dan

There’s a good chance if you’re poking around the world of the Washington Commanders online this week – you will likely find some common verbage.

“Nothing to play for.”

“Play the young talent.”

“No playoffs again!”

What there hasn’t been much of, is the thing that might be the most exciting of all.

A seemingly overlooked thing that might make this meaningless game, the most meaningful game in 20-plus years.

There’s a chance that it could be the last game ever with Dan Snyder as the owner.

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Commanders Vs Browns: Inactive Lists

It’s Week 17 of the 2022 NFL season. The Washington Commanders will face off against the Cleveland Browns on New Year’s Day in Landover.

The game might not have any meaning for the Cleveland Browns, but the Commanders are still very much in the playoff hunt.

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Gameday – Commanders Vs 49ers Inactive Lists; Chase Debuts!

It’s Week 15 of the 2022 NFL season. The Washington Commanders will face the San Francisco 49ers

Washington is coming off of a narrow victory over the Atlanta Falcons.

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Officials Take A Giant Dump On Washington’s Playoff Hopes

They say that no one play determines the outcome of a football game – and that’s probably true. But what about when multiple plays seemingly go against a team unfairly? For that certainly seemed to be the case for Washington on Sunday Night in their 20-12 loss to the New York Giants.

Did Washington play well?

Not particularly.

Did they play well enough to win?

That’s tough to say as well.

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Not A Win, Not A Loss – Commanders And Giants Settle For Unsatisfying Tie

Bittersweet. That’s what any tie in the National Football League seems to be. It doesn’t feel like a win. It doesn’t feel like a loss. Players often have no idea how to feel about the result. Such was the case on Sunday for Washington Commander and New York Giant players and fans alike, after a 20-20 draw.

Both teams could have really used the win, as both are vying for the final Wild Card spot in this year’s playoff race.

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