Wrestlemania 34 results and my thoughts on it

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Wrestlemania 34 results and my thoughts on it

Postby flamethrower » Mon Apr 09, 2018 12:33 am

Andre the Giant memorial Battle Royal
Matt Hardy won. Very entertaining match. Bray Wyatt showed up and actually helped Matt win.
Match grade 4 outta 5
Cruiserweight championship title match
Cedrick Alexander vs Mustafa Ali. Alexander won. For a cruiserweight match. It was a snoozer.
Match grade 2.5 outta 5 stars. You didn't miss much. Sadly it wasn't the worst match of the night
Ladies Battle royal
Naomi won. Match was very entertaining
Match grade 4 outta 5
Intercontinental championship Match
The Miz vs Seth Rollins vs Finn Balor was entertaining.
Rollins won. Match grade 3.75 outta 5
Smackdown women's championship match
Charlotte Flair vs Asuka. 1 of the 2 matches that were worth the ticket
Charlotte Flair won with Figure 8 tap out. Asuka's streak is over.
Match Grade 4.5 outta 5
US Title Match
Roode vs Orton vs Rusev vs Mahal
Mahal is the new US Champ. Match was ok.
Match Grade 3 outta 5
Angle/Rousey vs HHH/ Stephanie McMahon
Match was ok. Rousey made Stephanie tap out. Match took a while. But, entertaining
Match Grade 4 outta 5
Smackdown Tag Team titles
Usos vs New Day vs Bludgon Bros.
No tags at all. Basically a free for all. But, a fun match. Bludgon Bros won
Match Grade 3.5 outta 5
Undertaker vs John Cena
Cena came out. Instead of Undertaker coming out. Elias came out. They did a half hearted effort.
Then the lights went out. Takers gear popped up. Lightning hit it. Lights go out again, and Taker comes out. Taker destroyed Cena.
Match Grade .5 outta 5. Horrible match Worst match I have seen in years.
Bryan/Shane McMahon vs Zayn/Owens
Bryan won by submission
Match grade 1 outta 5
Raw Woman's championship
Nia Jax vs Alexa Bliss
Nia Jax won. Bliss's only move that worked was the old thumb to the eyes.
Match Grade 1.5 outta 5
WWE World title Match
Styles vs Nakamora
Styles retained. Match lived up to it's hype.
4.5 outta 5
Raw Tag Team title match
Bar Vs Stroman, and a 10 year old kid from the audience
Stroman won, and basically dominated. Bar did have a couple of moments
Match grade 3 outta 5
Raw Universal Championship Match
Lesner vs Reigns
Lesner dominated it. Match lasted about 20 minutes after it started. Reigns had less than 5 minutes total offense. Lesner bulldozed him. Almost as bad as that summer slam match Lesner had vs Cena.
Match grade 1.5 outta 5
If you have WWE Network. I do. It was worth the 9.99 pricetag. Barley. But, if you bought it via pay per view at what ever price. You got ripped off.
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