WWE Greatest Royal Rumble

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WWE Greatest Royal Rumble

Postby flamethrower » Sat Apr 28, 2018 2:52 am

My thoughts in it
Cena vs Triple H
Match was entertaining and both put on a good match
Cruiserweight Championship match
Cedric Alexander vs Kalisto
Match was good.
Raw Tag Team match
Matt Hardy and Bray Wyatt vs the Bar
Hardy and Wyatt won the match. When the Bar was traded to smackdown. I figured this would happen. Match was good in spite of this.
US Title Match
Jeff Hardy vs Jinder Mahol
Hardy won to retain
Match looked rushed, and not a good story was told during it due to Hardy having a questionable injured leg.
Smack Down Tag Titles
Bludgeon Brother vs Uso Brothers
Match was actually better than I expected. But, still Uso's lost. I expected yet another squash match.
Intercontinential Championship match
Rollins vs Miz vs Balor vs Joe
Rollins retained with a leap from ropes to ladder that was amazing. Glad Miz didn't win.
Had Joe not been traded to Smack Down I would have expected Joe to win.
WWE Heavy Weight Championship match
Styles vs Nakamora
draw due to count out. Ref shoulda let them wrestle. Match felt unfinished
Casket Match
Undertaker vs Rusev
Taker won by putting both Rusev, and English in casket and shutting it. Match was only slightly better than Taker's wrestlemania match.
WWE Raw Universal Championship match
Brock vs Reigns.
Brock won by hitting the floor first. But, Reigns speared them out of the cage and his feet hit the floor first
50 man Royal Rumble Battle Royal
Strowman won. But, match took a long time. It had some good spots.
Overall event was a 3.75 outta 5. No matches were horrible. But, none were 5 stars either.
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