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Potential WWE Wrestlemania main event might have been leaked

Wed Jun 27, 2018 11:53 am

I just read an article on Yahoo sports that says that a potential Smackdown Main event for next years Wrestlemania would be Daniel Bryan vs the Miz.
Sounds good to me. Cause I hate the Miz, and getting to see him tap to Bryan alone would make that a good deal.
Yeah I know that the Miz does give us good matches, and he is the heel that we all hate. Bryan is the face that we all love.
The one thing that I don't wanna see is the Miz as WWE Champion. Even if he was to lose the title at Wrestlemania to Bryan.

OK my choice for a a Wrestlemania card. I'll use current title holders except the 1 match that I already listed
Start with Andre the Giant Battle Royal. For the talent that don't have a match
US Title match Jeff Hardy vs Randy Orton. Don't care who the champ is, and don't really care who wins. Unless Orton is a heel again. Then that match would be fun
I C Title make it a 3 way dance Ziggler vs McEntyre vs Bobby Roode. This is made a 3 way dance after McEntyre and Ziggler begin feuding. Bobby Roode should win
Smackdown women's championship match Carmella as Champion vs Asuka. This time Asuka wins. Cause Ellsworth is suspended over the ring 45 feet in the air in a cage
Raw woman's champion Alexa vs Rhonda Rowsey. Sorry if I misspelled her name. Rowsey wins via tapp out.
Ladies battle royal. Basically the rest of the women of both brands.
Raw Tag Team title match Matt Hardy and Bray Wyatt vs Authors of Pain. Not gonna name a winner. Cause both sides get counted out
Smack Down Tag Team Title Match Bashum Brothers vs The Bar
Raw Championship match. Lesnar vs Bobby Lashley. Lashley wins. Then Braun Stroman comes out to cash in his Money in the Bank contract. Lashley leaves Wrestlemania as your new Raw Champion.
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