Sean Taylor football card

In memory of Sean Taylor. Please post all thoughts, well-wishes and prayers here.

Sean Taylor football card

Postby HIGHLINE HAGLER » Sun Dec 02, 2007 4:42 am

This will be my first thread started, and only because I feel it is worth shairing with the rest of the members of this site.

For the past 3 years I have been avidly collecting football cards again. Every year I purchase the complete Topps football card set. So tonight I decided to open up this years set finally, and go through the ritual of sorting the cards by teams. After I complete this task, I then place the cards in protctive plastic sheets to easily view them in my folders. Anyways, tonight as I was grabbing random amonts of cards out of the box, I started to think about Sean Taylor again. I wonderd if this were to be the last year a card of his would be produced.

During the past few years, never have I anticipated finding a certin player within a set. Yet each time that I went to grab another group of cards out of the box, the emotions inside me seemed to intensify. What whould my reaction be when I finally came across his card? Whould I look at it and reflect apon his career here at Washington? Whould I be upset because of the fact that his potential will never be known? So many questions ran through my mind and I didn't really know how I'd react when I finally come across his card. The only thing that I knew was the fact that it would be a special moment in my life; something that I'd probebly remember for a very long time. However, as the cards slowly dwindled within that box, I started to worry. Did Topps make a Sean Taylor card this year? I kept reassuring myself that they did, because he had such a great year last season. Yet his card wasn't comming up. So the final 30 or so cards were left now, and I was so scared that his card wasn't going to be in this set. There had to be no more than 4 cards left when I accepted the fact that his card wasn't going to be here. Maybe it was for the best because I probebly couldn't look at it anyways. That all changed when I got to the last card left in the set.

There was Sean. The picture of him captured a moment of when he looked to be anticipating the next play in that game. Ready to close in, and destroy some unsuspecting member of the opposite team ( looks to be at Dallas or at Indy). To the average Joe, there is nothing special about this card, nor will there ever be.

To the true Redskins fans however, this will probebly be the one of the most significant cards of this young mans career. To me, this will probebly one of my all time favorite cards of the thousands that I own. It will be placed amoung the other 2007 Redskins cards produced by Topps, that is in my collection, as if nothing had ever happend and that it is just yet another year for Sean. I won't hang it up on the wall, or do anything flashy with this card to show it off. No, he has been put into a protective sheet with the rest of his teammates. To be placed in my album dedicated to the rest of the Redskins players through out the years. He was not a flashy person, or one that craved the lime light. So I feel that he would personally accept the fact that I placed him with the rest of his team this year, instead of some frame over my fireplace, showing him off to everyone else.

Thank you Sean for the dedication you showed on the field. You never gave up on a play. You were not perfect, but we all are human, and everyone of us makes mistakes. You are what the Washington Redskins are about, and will always be. That is to get down and dirty, to do what it takes to win the game and punish the opponite, and for them to wish that they never have to face the Skins again. Thank you man, we love you.
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