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Washington Slips Even Further In Week 8 Power Rankings

By Mark Solway | October 26th, 2021

Coming off their third consecutive loss, where would this week’s NFL Power Rankings go with the Washington Football Team? After all, despite the 24-10 loss, it was to a strong 6-1 team in the Green Bay Packers. A Packers team that has now won six straight games.

Down is the answer.


Washington dropped to the 27th spot. That’s just one slot below their Week 7 ranking of 26th.

power ranking

Is that an appropriate reaction given that the WFT had opportunities to win the game?


After all, they still lost the game.

They had chances to win the week before as well, but couldn’t.

That’s what teams near the bottom of the Power Rankings do. They skirt victory, and find ways to lose.

Points Allowed in 2021

Statistical Backing

Washington is 32nd – dead last – in Points Allowed with 210. No NFL team has allowed more points in 2021. None. Nada. Zero.

Washington is 30th overall in Total Net Yards allowed. (2842) Only the Dolphins and Seahawks have allowed more yards.

The WFT is also 32nd in 3rd Down Completion Percentage by the opposition. They have allowed a crushing 56.9% of third downs to be converted (58 of 102). That’s almost twice as many conversions as the Arizona Cardinals have allowed (28.8%).

Washington is 23rd overall in Points Scored with 20.9 per game.

Washington is 25th overall in Quarterback Rating at 85.

The WFT have thrown the eighth most Interceptions (7).

Washington is 21st overall in Touchdowns Scored (10)

Good News?

If you take a look at all of those statistics – many of them major categories – it’s easy to see why Washington sit 27th in the Power Rankings.

They earned it.

The good news?

There isn’t much further to drop. 🙂


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