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Loser Papers: 2021 Edition III – WFT Over Tampa Bay Bucs

By Mark Solway | November 15th, 2021

It’s been a while since there has been an edition of Loser Papers here at THN. It’s a long story as to why – we were offline for a minute.

We’ve always enjoyed having a look at some of the funny things that get written in the press the day after a team is beaten by Washington. It’s harder and harder to call it “Loser Papers” because often there are no newspapers in that market anymore!!!

Still, we endeavour to find funny, often dire things said about the competition when they lose to Washington.

Here are a few examples from this week’s third win of the season:


From CBC:

Bucs offence falters late in stunning loss to Washington

“Tom Brady threw two interceptions in the first quarter as part of an implosion by the reigning Super Bowl champions, contributing to Washington upsetting the Tampa Bay Buccaneers 29-19 Sunday while losing Chase Young to injury.”

“The Buccaneers (6-3) couldn’t find much of a rhythm on either side of the ball in a rematch of their wild-card victory at Washington from January. Brady’s interceptions on two of his first six throws — one off the hands of rookie Jaelon Darden and another inexplicable toss that was caught by Washington safety Bobby McCain — disjointed the NFL’s best scoring and passing offence, which did not have a first-half touchdown for just the fifth time in the past two seasons.”

Read the whole article.

NFL world has gone mad

From Yahoo Sports

NFL Winners and Losers: Does Anyone Want To Be Great?

“The Tampa Bay Buccaneers brought everyone back from a Super Bowl championship team. If anyone was immune to the weird recent spate of upsets to contenders, you’d think it would be them.

The entire NFL world has gone mad. The Buccaneers faced the disappointing 2-6 Washington Football Team and looked like the team that was four games under .500. The Buccaneers did little on offense, the defense gave up a fourth-quarter drive that lasted more than 10 minutes with the game on the line, and Washington pulled off a monster 29-19 upset win. It’s the Bucs’ second straight loss; they dropped a game to the Trevor Siemian-led Saints before their bye.”

“After that, Tampa Bay had a tough time getting off the field. Washington went on a monster drive, lasting 19 plays and 80 yards, capped off by a fourth-and-goal touchdown run by Antonio Gibson with 29 seconds left. That put the game away. A championship defense gave up a drive to a mediocre offense that lasted 10:26. It was unbelievable … except that in the 2021 NFL, seeing great teams inexplicably fall apart has become the norm. “

Read the whole article.

Tampa Bay Buccaneers Are in Trouble

From Bleacher Report:

Believe It; Tom Brady and the Tampa Bay Buccaneers Are in Trouble

“Lightning rarely strikes twice in the NFL, and a shocking 29-19 loss Sunday to the lowly Washington Football Team is an indication Tom Brady and the Bucs are in big trouble as they embark on the post-bye portion of their 2021 campaign. ”

“But this goes beyond the numbers. The Bucs look like an uninspired, unfocused, sloppy team. Color analyst Dave Moore called the team out for its body language and its lack of sense of urgency on Sunday, according to Joe Bucs Fan. The Super Bowl hangover is real, and this one appears to be one of those that kicks in later than usual. Dropped passes, missed tackles and turnovers are killing their chances at a repeat before our eyes. And if they can’t cure all of that in the coming weeks, they risk falling out of the top spot in the NFC South entirely. “

Read the whole article.

Distressing Loss

From the Orlando Sentinel:

Buccaneers tumble in distressing road loss to Washington

“Tom Brady’s responses, like most of his pass attempts Sunday, were cautiously short and largely unproductive.”

“I was hoping I wouldn’t say I was embarrassed again, but that display was very reminiscent of the last one,” Bucs coach Bruce Arians said.

“We’re a very dumb football team, and that’s a reflection of the coaches.”

Read the whole article.


Shout out to Deadskins who did these pieces for several seasons. If you read this… holler… and let’s get you back in gear. Peace brother.


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