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What Are The Betting Odds For Washington’s New Name?

By Mark Solway | January 7th, 2022

Earlier this week Washington announced that they would be revealing the new team name on 2-2-22. How exciting. Said almost nobody at this point, as it has dragged on far too long already.

The team did announce via Team President Jason Wright that the name would not be Red Wolves due to copyright issues. Red Wolves was considered to be the odds on favorite, and seemingly the fan-favorite as well.

So if not Red Wolves, what are the other names in play?

There are 8-10 other names usually mentioned, though it is unknown how serious some of them are. Along with the existing name of Washington Football Team, other names being considered include:

Admirals | Armada | Commanders | Defenders | Presidents | Red Hogs | Red Tails | Sentinels

Speculation was further increased this week, when it was reported that the web url was forwarding to the team’s current official website.

There was also a lot of speculation after Washington teased a helmet video, in which fans were pointing out reflections in the glass potentially giving away certain design elements.

It is all just speculation at this point. In a world where you can currently bet on anything though, of course there are odds available on what the new team name will be.

The odds seem to be a little bit all over the place depending on which Sports Book you check. That itself is unusual. While there is always some “swing” between outlets, there is usually a lot of uniformity.

Here is a chart of the odds from both Covers and Sportsline on Thursday evening:

Team name betting odds


In professional wrestling, a swerve is when there is a sudden and / or surprising change in the direction of a storyline.

If Washington named the team the Red Wolves on 2-2-22, that would be a near-perfectly executed swerve.

First, you tell everybody it’s not Red Wolves. Then you “accidentally” make a few mistakes that lead to errant speculation.

Then, Boom!!

Just something to ponder.

It’s probably too clever, but then again, they’ve had almost two years to plan a brand rollout.

It would be nice to see them do something well for a change.


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