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Wallpaper Wednesday: Washington’s Opponents In 2022

By Mark Solway | January 13th, 2022

The 2021 season came to a close last weekend. Not even a victory over the division rival New York Giants provided much in the way of happiness or validation. A 7-10 record means another season without playoffs. Sigh.

Alas, we soldier on. And on.

The close of the regular season also means that the NFL has all the information it needs to begin figuring out the next season’s schedule. While the schedule won’t be announced until early May, Washington’s opponents were announced yesterday.

It seemed appropriate to close out the 2021 wallpapers with something satirical or spoofish… to at least attempt to frame another losing season with some humor.

Even though we have just suffered our 23rd season in the last 29 without a playoff game, all anyone is talking about is 2-2-22, and the new name.

So many nicknames. So few of them any good.

Maybe the team can just choose all the names, and therefore not have to choose at all. Just make fourteen different logos and uniforms – lord knows there are already 87,451 out there already.

That is the inspiration for this wallpaper… a different Washington nickname for every 2022 opponent. All of these choices are “legitimate” and can be bet on as the “next nickname” at various gambling establishments.

Washington's 2022 Opponents

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Hail to the whatevers!!

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