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While the NFL offseason seems to grow shorter and shorter as the years go by, there is still an offseason. After the opening of free agency and the NFL Draft, there is definitely a lull in the action. There isn’t much to report on and there isn’t much to talk about.

One of the things that I have become passionate about, is trying to build up the history section of this website. So for me, using this time in the offseason to add to the resources that this site provides, seems like a good thing to do.

One of the thing that I have always wanted to have more of, is profiles of players that have been great for this team. Sure a lot of them are from what seems like long ago, but how else are the youth of today and tomorrow supposed to learn about the greats if there are few resources?

Legends Profiles

So here are some new profiles that I have added to the site this offseason:

Joe Bugel

Dave Butz

Joe Gibbs

Darrell Green

Ken Houston

Vince Lombardi

Dexter Manley

Mark Moseley

Jerry Smith

Profiles On THe Hogs

Further to all of the above, I have long since wanted to expand my profiles on The Hogs – the men that inspired me to start this site in the first place. I am pleased that I now have profiles on most of those gritty linemen.

Jeff Bostic

Jim Lachey

Mark May

Raleigh McKenzie

Mark Schlereth

George Starke

Doc Walker

Don Warren

I never get tired of reading and writing about The Hogs. If you missed my recent blog that looks back at their greatness, please check it out:

The Hogs: A Look Back At The Legendary Washington Redskins Offensive Line

The Hogs Banner image

Where To Look

All of these links can be found in the top navigation of the desktop version of the website under either the History section or the exclusive section on The Hogs. They should also be available on the mobile version of the site as well in the appropriate category.

You will find other profiles in those sections as well. This is just a list of the new Washington Redskins / Commanders profiles that were created this offseason.

Profiles Location

I hope you enjoy reading these profiles, and learn something about each individual. They are by no means comprehensive biographies, but hopefully they at least tell a little bit about each one’s story in Washington.

Sure there are other resources, but in the twenty-plus years that I have been running this site, it’s amazing how many resources have just disappeared. Even sites and sources that seemed like they’d be around forever. And if it matters to you, I won’t be changing instances of Washington Redskins to Washington Commanders – the history that these men made, were as Redskins. That isn’t intended to be derogatory or insulting, but to be factually accurate.

If you have a suggestion or request for a profile that I haven’t done yet – please just hit me up on Twitter and let me know who you’d like to see.

Up next for the site, will be a comprehensive list of Top 5’s by position. I may even expand these to include videos that I post on both YouTube and Tik Tok. So please stay tuned fellow Washington fans.

Hail to you all!

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