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Flashback Friday: Uneven Tilt Between the Redskins And Falcons – November 10, 1991

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Welcome to Flashback Friday, where we take a trip down memory lane to revisit yesteryear moments in Washington football history. From jaw-dropping plays to nail-biting finishes, Washington football has provided its fans with countless memories throughout the years. Today, we turn our attention back to November 10, 1991, when the Washington Redskins took on the Atlanta Falcons. As we dive into the archives, let’s try relive the events that unfolded on that historic day.

Each #FlashbackFriday, we’ll uncover performances and milestones that are part of the franchise’s storied history. So, grab your virtual time machine, fasten your seat belts, and get ready to embark on a captivating journey through the annals of franchise history. Let’s relish in the nostalgia, as we honor the past and pay tribute to the legends who’ve donned the burgundy and gold.

On This Day

Washington Redskins   56  Atlanta Falcons   17

Date: November 10, 2013

Venue: Robert F. Kennedy Stadium

Attendance: NA

The Washington Redskins entered week 10 of the 1991 season at the very top of the heap. Not only were they already 9-0 but they had been dominating their opponents. They faced off against an Atlanta Falcons team that like their coach Jerry Glanville, was just a little bit different.

The results were exactly the same as they’d been all season. The Redskins walked all over them too.

Not only did Mark Rypien have a fantastic day against a secondary led by Deion Sanders, he had a record-breaking day. His six touchdown passes tied the all-time franchise mark owned by Sammy Baugh. As if that weren’t enough, the quarterback also ran for a seventh touchdown.

Ryp only completed 16 of his 31 passes, but still had a whopping 442 yards. His longest was an 82 yard bomb to Gary Clark. He finished the game with a fantastic quarterback rating of 136.8.

Of course he wasn’t sacked either, as that version of The Hogs only allowed Rypien to be sacked seven times in the entire 1991 season.

Clark Was Dynamite

It could be argued that Clark had a better day than the quarterback did. He finished with 203 yards on just FOUR catches. You read that right, four catches. He also caught three of Rypien’s six touchdowns. So to re-iterate – four catches – three touchdowns – 203 yards. It’s doubtful that any receiver will ever surpass the 200-plus yards on four catches that Clark posted on this historic day.

Clark’s touchdowns were 61 yards, 19 yards and 82 yards. His other catch was 41 yards.

Art Monk had to wonder how he could have only had the second most receiving yards, when he caught 7 balls for 164 yards. He also “only” caught two touchdowns and “only” had a long of 64 yards.

The two men owned the Falcons. There were no interceptions for the over-hyped Atlanta secondary – just two guys blowing by them all day long.

On top of that, Washington ran the ball 36 times for another 108 yards.

Unfortunately for the Redskins, Earnest Byner was hurt during the game, but Ricky Ervins (16 carries for 39 yards) and Gerald Riggs (6 carries for 29 yards) stepped in and filled the void quite admirably.

The offense finished with a preposterous 559 yards of total offense.

Ironically, it was the Washington defense that picked off the Falcons three times (Andre Collins, Sidney Johnson and Alvoid Mays).

Some Guy Named Brett

Two of those Redskin interceptions came against some upstart rookie by the name of Brett Favre, who came in to spell a shellshocked Billy Joe Tolliver. Favre only threw four passes to get picked twice.

He would never throw another pass for the Falcons again. He didn’t get inserted into any more games in 1991 and he was dealt to the Green Bay Packers for the 1992 season. The rest as they say, is history.


Washington became just the 14th team in league history to start the season 10-0. They were favored by a massive 12 points and more than tripled that enormous spread. They scored 21 points more than the Under/Over (35) all by themselves.

Obviously they had their eye on the undefeated season. They didn’t reach that goal – but the manner in which they steam-rolled their way to and through the playoffs and Super Bowl XXVI – defined them as one of, if not the, most complete team in the history of the league.

And on November 10th 1991 – 32 years ago today – the Atlanta Falcons were absolutely no match for them.

Flashback November 10 1991
The combination of Mark Rypien and Gary Clark was never better than it was on this day.

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