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Could It Really Be Forty Years Ago, That The Hogs Were Being Born?

Has it really been forty years? Four decades ago, something began to grow in the swamps of Virginia. It’s difficult to remember what times were like back then.

Ronald Reagan was president.

People’s phones still had cords attached to them.

There was a war in the Falkland Islands.

Ozzy Osbourne bit the head off a bat.

Robert Jarvik invented the world’s first artificial heart.

And perhaps most importantly – at least to this particular article – The Hogs were born.

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Jacoby Named Semi-Finalist For Hall Of Fame Induction

Joe Jacoby is once again in the hunt for a spot in Pro Football’s Hall of Fame. His “modern” eligibility for induction expired in 2018, but he’s back on the ballot as a “Senior”. Will this finally be the year that this wrong gets righted?

Jacoby is one of 25 semi-finalists in the Senior category. The committee will narrow that number down to 12 by July 27th. By August 16th, that number will be crunched down to the three that will make this year’s Class.

Joe not being in the Hall has been the bane of some Washington fans existence for quite some time. It is hard to imagine what it feels like to Jacoby himself. An original member of “The Hogs” – the inspiration for this website – he is easily the most revered offensive tackle to ever don the burgundy and gold. That puts him ahead of the likes of Chris Samuels, Trent Williams, and even Jim Lachey. All four were great tackles during their tenure. Ask the fans though – and it’s a virtual landslide in Joe’s favor.

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Leftovers – Week 7


In this week’s edition of Leftovers, Andre Carter talks about if he could possibly return to defensive end, how the defense countered Peyton Manning and the Redskins Alumni homecoming.

To read this week’s edition of THN Weekly, click here.


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Have you ever wondered to yourself how the Redskins coaching staff haven’t been able to see in a practice, the same things that we fans see in a game? Read More

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Cruel Rumors, Wishful Thinking, and Joe Gibbs

The rumors are rampant today. Redskins fans are running around fan sites like giddy little girls.
Desperate fans, latching onto even the most remote omen of hope…

Someone said the magic words…

Joe Gibbs. Read More

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Sacred Cow Tipping

Oh, I know I’m gonna ruffle some feathers with this one.

Here’s my question; Was Jack Kent Cooke really the genius we believe him to be, or did he just have the right cogs fall into place? Read More

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JJG’s Z-Men

You have to give credit where credit is due… Zorn has everybody focused on the task at hand. With two losses this team should be in the dumps. Not because of the the losses, but to whom and how. Week one against the Giants it looked bad when the final whistle blew but Zorn and his staff had them ready to the next week, after basically laying down for the Rams (by overlooking them) it would have killed other teams but not Zorn’s crew.

But because we must give credit where credit is due…

This is a team that was built by Joseph Jackson Gibbs, coached by a staff that was but together by Gibbs. And front office running on a philosophy that he converted it to.

The big spending slowly came to an end and that brought a end to the big names, it has gotten to the point where the team can now offer contracts to players before they can even hit the free agent market

Portis is being used more like he was being used before he came to Washington, as far has what he can do when the play starts. But it’s still the same playbook when it comes to the ground game.

Moss has moved back to the X receiver position (the one Gibbs originally had him playing prior to the 700 page AS playbook came to town), and is once again a deep threat that takes a man “out of the box” 

Campbell was a big mistake when people heard Gibbs had did another deal with Denver and first round picks were involved, these are the same people that said Gibbs had been ripped off in the Portis deal. Yet he still hasn’t thrown a pick after seven weeks in the first year under Zorn… where he also happens to have more freedom once the ball is snapped.

Zorn has drafted big receivers that can’t get on the field, yet the same undersized wide outs that Gibbs brought in are running free in everybody’s secondary.

Gibbs had the right idea but he missed the mark.

He didn’t make too many bad moves in free agency while he was here for round two, OK load was his call best I can tell but AA was all on the the guy with three “Gs” in his five letter first name. Other than those two he left a pretty good crew of other teams cast offs. He had pretty good drafts with Carlos Rogers, Rocky McIntosh, and taking Sean Taylor over the son of a guy that he knew very well. Montgomery and Golston weren’t bad. How many people joined the “The game has pasted him by” crowd after he by passe KW2 only to later trade up for some guy known as Captain Caos. May be he wore too many hats when he returned, but seems to have worked and got this team where he said he wanted to get it “back on track”.


OK to be fair and accurate since Gibbs went back to NASCAR there has been a couple of big names signed to the roster , but no huge signing bonuses or long term deals that will have to be reworked. The did what most teams that have been set back on course. They had needs to fill and they went out and signed  a Shawn, and a Taylor

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Q and A Interview With Jesse Lumsden: Part Two

THN was fortunate enough to catch up with Jesse Lumsden again today and finish off the interview we started yesterday. Our thanks to Jesse for giving us his time and affording us the opportunity.

THN: Thanks for talking to us again Jesse. I’ll just pick up where we left off yesterday if that’s alright with you?

Jesse: Absolutely.

Saturday’s Touchdown

THN: Scrimmage or not, scoring on Saturday had to be a huge thrill. All young football players dream of taking it to the house in the NFL; talk about how it felt to cross the goal line in front of one of the most ravenous group of football fans on the planet, and did you manage to grab the football?

Jesse: No, I didn’t keep the football. I figured I’d try to do it in a preseason game or a regular season game before I kept the football. But it felt great. It always feels great to get some points on the board and the o-line just blocked it up real well and there was just a hole, a wide open hole.

THN: Just act like you’ve done it before right?

Jesse: Yeah, I was always taught to act like you’ve done it before. I got a little excited though; I’m not going to lie. (The giant smile on his face proved his sincerity implicitly)

THN: What affect did the crowd have on you on Saturday… 47,000 plus people and then you score…

Jesse: It’s the largest crowd I’ve ever played in front of. So that alone was exciting. I can’t imagine what it’ll be like in front of 91,000 people. In the CFL, you play in front of crowds of 40,000 or so depending on where you play, but it was a rush. It was a great feeling. This is a great organization to be a part of and to win football games with.

Joe Gibbs and Al Saunders

THN: There’s a lot of camp left and surely a lot left for you to prove yet, but what has working with two great football minds like Joe Gibbs and Al Saunders already done to improve you as a football player?

Jesse: It’s been awesome. You said it… two great football minds… Joe Gibbs runs a great ship around here… all the guys are team players and with Al Saunders new offense… it’s very exciting. I’m enjoying learning it and there are definitely some things I’ll keep in the back of my mind if I get into coaching.

On Representing Canada

THN: I got an e-mail today from the Embassy of Canada today to thank me for running some articles on the Canadians at camp. Do you think about that? Do you think about the fact that you’re actually down here representing Canada or do you just go about your business? Do you realize how impactful your success could be?

Jesse: Not really, see the thing is that I’m not really representing Canada because many athletes have done much more extreme things than this. All our athletes that go to the World Championships and to the Olympics… those are the athletes that are representing Canada. I’m just down here trying to make a football team and I’m representing myself. But of course I carry the love of my fans with me, and I love the country that I’m from and it will always be my home. But I’m definitely not carrying a burden on my shoulders that I have to do this for my country.

Editor’s Note: Jesse would go on to appear for Canada at the Olympics on the Canadian Bobsled team. Twice.

Advice For Kids

THN: Do you have any advice for Canadian kids that are watching you and trying to get to the NFL?

Jesse: Yeah… work hard and promote yourself. That’s probably the biggest thing I’ve found. I put myself around some good people and I promoted myself. I made sure people saw me; I didn’t wait for people to hear about me and then come see me. That was a big deal, especially because Canada’s still kind of an unknown pond of talent, but it’s picking up and I think you’re going to see more and more.

On Charity

THN: Something many people might not know is that last year you shaved off all of your hair for a cancer charity function. What charities are you involved with?

Jesse: Once I go back home, I’m going to do more work for the Canadian Cancer Society. If I grow my hair out again and can go out again, I’ll definitely do the ‘Shave for a Cure’ function again.

THN: So shaving your head had nothing to do with shaking the moniker of ‘Hamilton Hottie’?

Jesse: Oh… that was BAAAAD! (We shared a good hearty laugh) But we raised a lot of money, it’s a real good cause and we had a lot of support.

THN: I actually know a very young girl who came home and told her mother that she wanted to cut off all of her hair to ‘give to the people who lost their hair in cancer treatments’… and how does a mother say no to that?

Jesse: Yeah, it’s an awesome foundation. I know they do it here in the States too, and I really do try to promote it. I love talking about it and I love pledging for it and doing it. It was a great experience.

Passions Other Than Football

THN: Last question… can you tell your Redskin fans what Jesse Lumsden is passionate about other than football?

Jesse: Just life in general. I love to read, I love music… spending time with my family. Family is a huge part of my life.

THN: Hence the tattoo? (Jesse has his family crest tattooed to his arm.)

Jesse: Exactly. My tattoo is something that I wear proudly on my arm and I’ve never regretted it for one day. My parents understand why I did it. But family, friends and just enjoying life are what I’m passionate about.

Author notes:

It bears mentioning that Jesse has been extremely gracious giving THN his time this week. Is it ‘unprofessional’ to actually be cheering for a guy to actually make the team? I don’t know. I guess I’m being unprofessional then, because I am really pulling for him to make the team.

He has everything that Joe Gibbs likes in a player – talent, drive, a great attitude and a great work ethic. The Redskins would be a better team with him than without him in my opinion. Even on the practice squad, this kid’s attitude would be infectious. His desire to succeed is the type of desire that makes other people work harder at their craft for fear of being supplanted.

The next few weeks will be very challenging for Jesse as he continues to try to make a mark here in Washington. Regardless of the results, he has conducted himself with a level of professionalism and poise that is a credit to football players, let alone Canadian football players.

It’s almost inconceivable that the work he has already put in won’t translate into success. If the Redskins can’t find a place for him, it’s very doubtful that he’d have to wait long for someone else to pick him up and give him another chance.

To the Redskins staff – don’t let this kid get away. He’s earned the right to bleed burgundy and gold for longer than a training camp.

Best of luck Jesse.

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What Do You Even Say?

What do you even say?

With a million words being written about the return of Joe Gibbs today, we were trying to figure out we could say that wasn’t going to be written dozens of times over.

We though that for a change we would put together some of the comments that our message board visitors have been making. This is a fan site and we think that while evryone is citing Gibbs’ history, and NASCAR accomplishments, we’d post how this monumental occurrence has affected the most important people in the organization… the fans.

Here are some of their coments:

“Fire up the Bandwagon Tony K. no need to wait. That stampede you here is all the Skins fans coming back. I’m not even going to get into all the what if’s today. I’m just going to enjoy it the rest of today. Just broke the news to my 10 year old son, he was jumping for joy…this from a kid who wasn’t even born when Gibbs coached…but he knew who he is. I told him what a great thrill it is going to be for him to watch a legend coach.”

“AMAZING what one man can do for a fan, team and city. Tell me you didn’t thrown on your Redskins hat, shirt and have a little pride!”

“This team needs an identity, a path; Joe Gibbs is the one person who could provide that.”

— DEHog

“Today, I declared it national Joe Gibbs day, urged children not to go to school, had neighbors over at the house to eat a Skins cake I had made. Told everyone to wear Redskins jersey’s, watched t.v all day, and RedskinsCenter (the only thing on Sports Center all day was Skins stuff..) Broke out old tapes of Gibbs’ glory years wearing the burgundy had with the yellow R, and reveled in the moment… ”

“Whether we like it or not, each offseason he (Dan Snyder) makes us forget about the disheartening events, and revel in the moment and hype of what he does, looking forward to the next season. I told myself going into the offseason, I’m not going to get too excited, no matter what happens………. I said I wouldn’t be excited, but more than ever I can’t wait for training camp, for mini camp, for the draft, for the season, the pre season. Most of all, I can’t wait for tommorrow, not knowing who will come back, or what will come.”

— Redskins56

“Funny, seems like we went from the team with the least coaching experience, to the team with the most…….overnite. Oh, wait we did.
…am i still dreaming????”

— Hailskins666

“How many free-agents will be saying ‘Wow, I would love to play for Joe Gibbs’ this off-season? ”

— ANT7088

“I feel like a group hug now because our pain and suffering is over. I’m not talking super bowl next year, I’m talking respectability. ”

— HitDoctor

“Makes a grown man weep for joy. And to think, I’ve had to bring myself outta the dumps by watching old Gibbs superbowl vhs tapes. ”

— skins74

There were even some great comments from Cowboy fans:

“Congratulations guys… although this will cause us Cowboys fans some heartache, it was a good move for football, the skins organization, the fans and the DC metro area. It was a very exciting day even for me. The NFC East is back.”

— gambit187

“I’m really happy for you guys. No doubt Gibbs is the perfect choice for the Skins. I had really hoped that you guys would bring in Fassel or Rhodes. I have no fear of those guys. Gibbs on the other hand demands respect, even from Cowboy fans.”

“It’s nice to have some spice back in the rivalry.”


We appreciate everyone who stops by the message boards, and everyone is always welcome. Drop in, sign up, and talk about the best football franchise on the planet.

Edit: This blog was archived in May of 2016 from our original articles database.It was originally posted by Mark Solway

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