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RIP Sean: Gone But Not Forgotten – 14 Years Ago Today

It’s hard to believe that fourteen years have passed since that fateful day. The day when Sean Taylor’s life was prematurely ended.

This year the organization further memorialized Sean by retiring his jersey number.

Nobody will ever don the number 21 for Washington ever again.

RIP Sean Taylor

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Throwback Thursday: Remembering The Great Sean Taylor

This week’s Throwback Thursday doesn’t look back at a day in Washington Football history like many of them do. Today, we use Throwback Thursday to take an extra chance to remember Sean Taylor.

Sean was forever memorialized on Sunday, when the Washington Football Team retired the jersey number 21. That means Sean is the last player that will ever wear that jersey for Washington. That’s fitting because when you think of “21,” it’s impossible not to think of Sean.

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Wallpaper Wednesday: Commemorative Sean Taylor Jersey Retirement

Washington retired Sean Taylor’s jersey number 21 this past weekend. He is just the third player in Washington history to receive the honor.

Much ado has been made about the lack of notice to fans. Rightfully so, Sean deserved better.

So why not at least honor him with a wallpaper?

It would have been great to put out the wallpaper last week, but the team hadn’t announced the event at that time. 🙁

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21 Reasons Sean Taylor’s Retirement Ceremony Sucked

On Sunday, Washington retired Sean Taylor‘s number 21 jersey. He became just the third player in the franchise’s 90-year history to be bestowed with the honor. And yet, the team announced the jersey retirement just three days before the event.

The team swears they had been planning the ceremony for months.

Gabe Taylor, Sean’s younger brother, said on 106.7 The Fan, that he was told “like four days ago.” He hedged slightly and said that he didn’t know how long their father Pedro knew. Meaning, it seemed like Gabe found out, when everyone else found out – on Thursday.

The whole ceremony sure looked like they threw it together at the last minute. What a travesty.

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Taylor’s Number To Be Retired On Sunday With Zero Notice To Fans

Only two men in Washington Football history, have ever had their number retired – Sammy Baugh and Bobby Mitchell. On Sunday, Sean Taylor will enter that rarified air, and have his number ’21’ retired. The franchise is announcing it just three days before the actual event.

That seems inappropriate doesn’t it?

Doesn’t it feel like such a monumental thing should be celebrated and marketed for weeks ahead of time?

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Washington’s Five Best Ever First Round Draft Picks

The 2021 NFL Draft is just days away. The Washington Football Team will be looking to land a superstar for years to come with the 19th overall pick.

Here is a look at Washington’s five best ever first round draft picks.

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Flashback Friday: This Day in 2007

On this day, October 7th in 2007, the Washington Redskins crushed the Detroit Lions 34-3.

Jason Campbell was a near perfect 23 of 29 for 248 yards. He threw two touchdown passes for a stellar quarterback rating of 128.3. Antwaan Randle El led all Redskin receivers with 100 yards on 7 receptions.

Not only did Carlos Rogers actually catch a ball that hit him in the hands, he returned it 61 yards for a touchdown (this was before getting his eyes fixed of course – if you remember, he couldn’t catch a cold).

Sean Taylor had a 35-yard interception return.

Check out this clip of Sean gunning off the Lions as the Skins come out of the tunnel for the game and getting jacked up before the game even starts – near the end of the clip. RIP brother – you are certainly missed and never forgotten. Thanks YouTube…

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Flashback Wallpaper: Sean Taylor

Flashback Wallpaper: Sean Taylor

Flashback Wallpaper: Sean Taylor

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Last Sean Taylor Murder Suspect Sentenced

The last remaining suspect in the Sean Taylor shooting, plead guilty yesterday. Timmy Lee Brown received an 18-year sentence for his role in the shooting of Taylor, and with the decision, hopefully there will be some closure for Sean’s family.

Brown was the last of the five suspects to be sentenced, with the gunman Eric Rivera Jr. receiving the longest stretch (60 years). The men intended to burglarize Sean’s home, but shot the Redskins safety dead when he was surprisingly at home.

It was a day that brought Redskins Nation to it’s knees.

Sean may be gone, but he will never be forgotten.

Burn in hell Timmy Lee Brown. I hope Bubba takes a fancy to you early on in your prison career.

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Throwback Thursday: Sean Taylor

Today’s Throwback Thursday honors Sean Taylor. He would have been 32 years old yesterday.

This fantastic photo was taken by staff member NC43Hog at the 2007 Redskins Training Camp.


RIP Sean. Read More

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