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Washington Football’s Scheduled Opponents For 2022

By Mark Solway | January 11th, 2022

The 2021 NFL regular season came to a close this past Sunday. Despite beating the New York Football Giants 22-7, the Washington Football Team finished a disappointing 7-10. That left them third in the NFC East, and consequently, out of the playoffs.

With the final games of all 32 teams in the books, the NFL can determine the 2022 season’s scheduled opponents.

Scheduling Formula

In 2002, the league began a scheduling formula that was designed to ensure that all teams play each other on a semi-regular, rotating basis. The schedule is determined by the following criteria:

  1. 6 Games – Home and away against its three division opponents
  2. 4 Games – Four teams from another division within same conference (on a rotating three-year cycle)
  3. 4 Games – Four teams from a division in the opposite conference (on a rotating four-year cycle)
  4. 3 Games – Two intra-conference games and one inter-conference game based on the prior year’s standings*

* – For example, a first-place team will face the first-place teams in the two same-conference divisions the team is not scheduled to play that season. It will additionally face one team from the other conference. The same goes for the second-place, third-place, and fourth-place teams in a conference.

Formula For Washington

In line with number one of the above formula, Washington will (obviously) face the Dallas Cowboys, the Philadelphia Eagles and the New York Giants twice each.

As per number two, they will play the four teams from the NFC North – Detroit Lions, Chicago Bears, Green Bay Packers, and Minnesota Vikings.

As per number three, they will play the four teams from the AFC South – Houston Texans, Indianapolis Colts, Jacksonville Jaguars, and Tennessee Titans.

And finally as per number four, the two inter-conference match-ups will be with the third place finishing San Francisco 49ers (NFC West) and the Atlanta Falcons (NFC South). The intra-conference third place match-up is with the Cleveland Browns (AFC North).

17-Game Enhanced Schedule

Under the new enhanced scheduling system, each team plays 17 regular season games. The league had used a 16-game schedule since 1978, when the league expanded from 14-games.

Last season was Washington’s first 17-game schedule, with the Buffalo Bills being added as the intra-conference first place match-up.

Washington 2022 Opponents

Washington will play nine home games and eight road games this season. All NFC teams get nine home games in 2022, after AFC teams got nine in 2021.


Atlanta Falcons | Cleveland Browns | Green Bay Packers | Minnesota Vikings | Jacksonville Jaguars | Tennessee Titans | Dallas Cowboys | Philadelphia Eagles | New York Giants


San Francisco 49ers | Chicago Bears | Detroit Lions | Houston Texans | Indianapolis Colts | Dallas Cowboys | Philadelphia Eagles | New York Giants

The scheduled dates will be announced shortly after the 2022 NFL Draft.


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