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Could This Really Be Snyder’s Last Game? Pinch Me!

By Mark Solway | January 6th, 2023

Bye Dan

There’s a good chance if you’re poking around the world of the Washington Commanders online this week – you will likely find some common verbage.

“Nothing to play for.”

“Play the young talent.”

“No playoffs again!”

What there hasn’t been much of, is the thing that might be the most exciting of all.

A seemingly overlooked thing that might make this meaningless game, the most meaningful game in 20-plus years.

There’s a chance that it could be the last game ever with Dan Snyder as the owner.

It isn’t set in stone. There’s a chance that nothing gets done – but one can dream, and dream big. After all, Snyder did hire an investment bank to consider potential transactions back in early November.

Commanders Statement On Team Sale

Could it really be?


There was no shortage of interest in buying the team, if the reports are correct. Even Jeff Bezos wants in on the act. No pockets are deeper than his. The Amazon billionaire also owns the Washington Post, so that would drastically change the propaganda wheel in D.C..

It will take deep pockets because the numbers being discussed are massive. The Denver Broncos sold earlier this year for $4.5 billion and the Commanders are expected to fetch considerably more than that. Some say that $5.5 billion might be the number, but others say that a bidding war has created a scenario whereby it might reach as much as $7 or $8 billion.

Given that Snyder paid $800 million, that’s potentially a 1000% return on his investment.

That’s a pretty good incentive to leave a place where almost nobody likes you.

And where the only time your name is called, is to stand in front of a judge.

Jolly Old

The aforementioned Washington Post ran a story this week that the Snyders might be headed for jolly old England. Apparently they started a new business there and listed London as the place they reside. From the article:

“The certificate of incorporation of a private limited company for Snyder UK Investments Limited was filed Nov. 21 with the registrar of companies for England and Wales. Snyder and his wife, Tanya, the co-CEO of the Commanders, are listed as company directors. For both, the country or state of which they are “usually” a resident is listed as England.”

Apparently the Snyder family has long since held property in England, and Dan’s father had dual citizenship.

That news spawned speculation as to what else might be at play. Do they want to buy an English Football team? Are they looking to situate themselves for the opportunity to buy an NFL franchise in a global NFL?

Would the league really subject themselves to the sort of scrutiny that would come if they let Dan back in? Would ANY league really want to take on the kind of baggage that he would bring?

Well, there’s about $7-8 billion reasons they might.

The Potential Final Game

Is it fitting that the last game for the Commanders is against the team that their fans hate the most – the Dallas Cowboys?

Is it also fitting that in a game that means absolutely nothing to the Commanders, the game means everything to the Dallas Cowboys? After all, they are not only playoff bound, but playing for the NFC East Division title.

It seems like a good time to mention that Dan Snyder has seen just 14 wins in his 47 match-ups with the Cowboys. About 3 wins every 10 games.

New Bad Blood

And what about the fact that earlier this season, there was a lot of perceived heat between Snyder and Cowboys owner Jerry Jones?

Snyder denied it vehemently, but the allegation was that Snyder had told another owner that, “Jones is only out to get in your pocket. He’ll sell you down the river. You can’t trust him.”

Hello pot. This is the kettle.

Until this event, Snyder and Jones had always appeared publicly to get along like peanut butter and jelly.

Not only that, Jones has publicly supported Snyder through some of the worst of Snyder’s indiscretions – including the sexual assault allegations AND the ticket fraud scandal earlier in 2022.

So if Snyder did speak about Jones in such a manner – if Snyder did indeed stick private investigators on finding dirt on other owners, including Jones – just how sour is Jones going to be?

And how bad will the Cowboys owner want to put it to the Commanders in the final game of the season?

Those are mostly rhetorical questions, but the answer to both is, “Very”.

Jones is likely toiling endlessly this week. Working to ensure that his squad is 110% ready to lay a beat down on a team whose season is all done.

Especially if it’s the very last time that Jones will get the chance to slap the taste out of Dan Snyder’s mouth.

End Of An Era?

What if this IS the last ever game for the man who has been at the head of more scandals than one cares to count?

Cue, “Ding Dong, the witch is dead.”

Could it really be the end for Snyder?

Will this be the last time he sits on his throne in the owners box, and looks down on everyone – proverbially and literally?

If you were to poll every Commanders fan on the planet, you may even find some that would give up their first born child to make that happen.

There would be a large cross section of those fans that would give up all of their earthly possessions to see it come to pass.

If It Happens

Some would dance naked through the streets.

Some would go into their attic and retrieve all of the Washington memorabilia that has been hidden away for decades.

Some would paint their houses burgundy and gold.

Some people may even consider buying their season tickets back.

Many would cry tears of joy.

And perhaps most poignantly of all – you wouldn’t likely find a single, solitary disappointed person in the bunch.

Except for maybe Dan Snyder himself.

Don’t go away mad Dan. Just go away.



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