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It’s Over – It’s Really Finally Over – Dan Snyder Is Out

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A fan base is collectively pinching itself worldwide. Is this just some dream, or did Dan Snyder really vacate his throne?

8,821 days. That’s how long the reign of horror lasted in Washington D.C. Exactly 24 years, one month and 24 days of Snyder ownership.

But it’s finally over. It’s really finally over.


Did somebody slap the no take backs on it yet?

Is there anything on earth that can make this un-happen?

Can we truly celebrate?

League Approval

The Washington Commanders have been sold to prominent businessman Josh Harris.

The league voted on, and unanimously approved the sale yesterday afternoon.

So yes, it’s okay to celebrate now.

It seemed an improbability when it was first announced, but it has come to pass.

The transaction obviously marks a massive milestone for the franchise.

Harris, well-known for his successful ventures in various industries, has a proven track record of transforming struggling businesses into prosperous enterprises. His passion for sports, combined with his business acumen, makes him an ideal candidate to lead the Commanders out of oblivion.

“I feel an awesome sense of responsibility to the city of Washington,” said Harris at the press conference to announce the sale. “I know what I have to do and ultimately that comes down to winning. It’s not easy. There are 31 other owners that are good at what they do. There are thirty one other cities. It’s on me, and it’s on our ownership group to deliver and that’s what I’m going to do.”


Josh Harris quote


Oh Dan

For years, ownership under Snyder has been surrounded by controversies and scrutiny. Yet, the decision to sell the team was not an easy one. Mounting pressure from fans, sponsors, and the NFL community, finally tipped the scales.

He leaves in disgrace.

Not only does he leave behind a losing legacy, but he was also slapped with a $60 million fine on his way out. That was the price that Mary Jo White and her investigation deemed appropriate to levy against Snyder for his sexual misconduct and his financial improprieties.

Poor Dan will have just 6 of the 6.05 billion left.

New Hope

With the new ownership comes a sense of hope and anticipation. The Commanders’ faithful eagerly await the changes that will come under Harris’ leadership.

Will another rebranding be one of them?

There are already whispers that the Commanders might not last any longer than the Football Team did. It’s doubtful that would ruffle many feathers. The name was met with extremely mixed-to-lousy reviews.

What’s Next?

As the transition of ownership takes place, will the Commanders’ front office and coaching staff see significant changes?

Harris is likely to bring in a new management team but will it be right away? Things could go in many directions but it would seem that 2023 is far enough along that the existing plan will remain in place for now.

But you never know.

Looking Ahead

Washington fans can now imagine a brighter future for their beloved franchise. Temper enthusiasm and optimism for the change?


The Washington Whatevers are embarking on a new journey under Josh Harris.

There isn’t a single negative aspect to the sale.

Consequently, the single biggest black mark in the history of the franchise is gone.

Bye Dan.

Bye Dan

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