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Today’s wallpaper is Sean Taylor. Wallpapers actually – there is one for your mobile device and one for your desktop.

If you follow me on Twitter, then you have already seen (and hopefully) downloaded these images for yourself. I posted them on the Sunday that Sean’s memorial was revealed at Fed Ex Field.

Unfortunately I forgot to post them on the website, but I wanted to make sure and get them out into the web-o-sphere for everyone.

Sean Taylor

The wallpapers were posted on November 27th – a day that marked fifteen long years exactly since we lost Sean. It’s really hard to believe that it’s been that long. And for those who experienced it when it happened, it’s sometimes still a very tough loss to come to grips with. Taylor resonated more with Redskins fans than any other player in recent memory. 

I have always maintained a Sean Taylor Tribute page at this website, and I never miss an opportunity to do up a new wallpaper or two for him. I also try to post Throwback Thursdays about him when I can.

Be sure to check out the Tribute page and read fan reactions, view some great camp photos of Sean, and to read his entire online biography.

You play a kid’s game for a king’s ransom. And if you don’t take it serious enough, eventually one day you’re going to say, ‘Oh, I could have done this, I could have done that.’– Sean Taylor

Amen Sean, amen.

He may be gone, but he will not be forgotten.

Sean taylor Desktop Wallpaper

Just click on the image to open the full sized 1920×1080 wallpaper.

Download the file to your desktop and enjoy!

Sean Taylor Mobile Wallpaper

Just click on the image to open the full sized 1080×1920 wallpaper.

Download the file to your mobile device and enjoy!


There will be a new wallpaper every Wednesday during the regular season, so be sure to check back.

Be sure to also follow @TheHogsdotNetv2 on Twitter as extra wallpapers are often posted there as well.

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